“There is a protocol about nude scenes, it’s not a joke”: Marvel Star Chris Pratt Had the Most Star Lord Response Ever After Getting a Stern Warning From NBC

Marvel Star Chris Pratt Had the Most Star Lord Response Ever After Getting a Stern Warning From NBC

Chris Pratt is known for his starring role in the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy. He plays the role of Peter Quill a.k.a Star-Lord in the James Gunn-directed trilogy. He gained international recognition for the role and has since starred in a number of acclaimed films including this year’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Until his casting in the MCU, Pratt was a household name with the series Parks and Recreation. Playing the goofy Andy Dwyer, Pratt was beloved by both audiences as well as the producers. However, one of his antics got him reprimanded by the NBC network for which Pratt responded in a way that is very characteristic of him.

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Chris Pratt As Andy Dwyer

Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer
Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer

Before his rise to worldwide stardom with Guardians of the Galaxy and headlining the Jurassic World franchise, Christ Pratt had only appeared in supporting roles in feature films. He had appeared in films such as Bride Wars, Delivery Man, and Her. However, he made notable appearances on TV. He had been in The OC and was also cast in Everwood.

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However, his breakthrough appearance came in the form of Parks and Recreation. The sitcom starred Saturday Night Live alum Amy Poehler and was a workplace comedy. Pratt played Andy Dwyer, a dim-witted yet loveable character who is paired with Aubrey Plaza’s April Ludgate. Pratt was only supposed to be a guest star in the series but the producers loved him so much that they wrote him into the show.

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Chris Pratt as Star-Lord
Chris Pratt as Star-Lord

Chris Pratt featured in all seven seasons of the show, which ended in 2015. He returned to the series despite being cast as Star-Lord and has often exclaimed that he loves the people he worked with on the show. He once said,

“I’ve never even asked myself the question. That was never… That would never happen. I would never f**king ever leave this show!”

The actor has constantly received love from the cast and crew of the series, with Amy Poehler repeatedly mentioning how much she loved working with him.

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Why Did Chris Pratt Go Nude In Parks and Recreation?

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt

While Chris Pratt was loved by the entire cast and crew of Parks and Recreation, that did not mean that whatever he did would fly past them. In fact, the actor was reprimanded for one particular improvisation that he pulled off, which included going nude in front of Amy Poehler.

The actor recounted the incident in an episode of The Graham Norton Show

“We were shooting a scene where my character turns up naked at my costar’s door. I was wearing skin-colored underwear and I wasn’t getting quite the right reaction I was hoping for…It was late in the day so I decided to improvise and drop my trousers for the take … [Poehler’s] reaction was great. It was the take they used!”

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While his improv skills were appreciated at the time, with the crew even using it in the final take, it did not go down too well at the NBC network. They reportedly sent him a letter reprimanding him for his actions. He said,

“I got a letter from NBC’s HR department that said, ‘There is protocol about nude scenes. This is not a joke and you are being reprimanded and you can’t go around telling people about this like some kind of joke!'”

While Chris Pratt has clearly not listened to the warning as he has told this incident on many talk shows, he also mentioned that he had framed that letter and hung it in his house.

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Source: The Graham Norton Show

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