There is No Evidence Behind $10 Million Damage- Amber Heard’s Team is Not Done With Johnny Depp Trial

It seems that Amber Heard is fighting the Defamation case verdict which had awarded actor Johnny Depp millions of dollars in damages. The high-stakes case had been the center of attention for weeks until the verdict in favor of Johnny Depp was passed. Amber Heard lost the suit and was required to play more than 10 million dollars in damages to Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard moves court against the verdict in the defamation case verdict
Amber Heard

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Apart from the monetary compensation, she also lost reputation and had to face the ire of Depp fans. However, apparently, Amber Heard is fighting the verdict on multiple grounds. We take a closer look at this developing story.

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Amber Heard Fights The Defamation Case Verdict

Amber Heard moves court against the verdict in the defamation case verdict
Amber Heard in the film Aquaman

It has been reported that the lawyers of the Aquaman actress moved the Fairfax County Circuit Court to set aside the verdict that was awarded against her. Alternately, she has asked for a fresh trial if the verdict isn’t set aside. She has challenged the 10 million dollar award to Depp claiming that there is no evidence to substantiate it.

Reportedly, the brief also claimed that Amber Heard was unaware of the headline of the article that was published in 2018. They have also challenged the amount awarded to Johnny Depp as being “excessive”. Moreover, they have reportedly questioned whether one juror improperly served on the jury. It seems that Amber Heard is fighting the defamation case verdict tooth and nail. It remains to be seen what the Circuit court adjudicates.

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The Depp v. Heard Case: A Brief Note

Johnny Depp had sued Amber Heard for defamation over a 2018 Washington Post article penned by Heard which Depp alleged to be defamatory against him. After weeks of hearings, Johnny Depp won and was ultimately awarded more than 10 million dollars in damages.

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