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“There is no way he could be that good”: Joe Rogan Claims Joaquin Phoenix Must be “an Absolute Insane Person” For His Work in “Joker”

"There is no way he could be that good": Joe Rogan Claims Joaquin Phoenix Must be "an Absolute Insane Person" For His Work in "Joker"

Joe Rogan is known for expressing his raw thoughts on different subjects and has been pretty vocal about his thoughts on comic book characters and films in general while also admitting his preference for Marvel movies ahead of DC ones.

However, there was one DC movie that astonished the UFC commentator to the core, and the podcaster hasn’t shied away from calling it a masterpiece while commending the actor and makers behind the film on numerous occasions.

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Joe Rogan recalls the brilliance of 2019 Joker
Joe Rogan recalls the brilliance of 2019 Joker

Joe Rogan was mesmerized by The Joker

Joe Rogan has been pretty outspoken about his love for the 2019 psychological thriller movie of Batman’s arch nemesis Joker. He appreciates the filmmakers for making it dark and creepy yet so realistic that sent a shiver down his spine and marked it among the best comic book movies of all time. During his interview with Bridget Phetasy in the episode 1890, Joe Rogan stated,

“when that movie came out. I remember I went to see it with my wife, we were in the movie theater and were watching joker and she is like ‘this seems a little too close to possible’. That was the best version of the Joker ever. It’s fu*king good and they are doing a joker 2 right now. “

Joaquin Phoenix later went on to win the Oscar for best actor, while many went on to call his portrayal one of the best acting performances of the decade. The Joker movie itself created a world record by becoming the highest-grossing R-rated movie with a box office collection of over $1 billion from a budget of $55 million.

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Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker in Joker (2019).
Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker in Joker (2019)

Joe Rogan recalls the brilliance of Joaquin Phoenix

In a podcast with Brendan Schaub, as the two were discussing the Riddler, Catwoman, and Penguin from The Batman, Joe Rogan recalls the performance of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker while running its analogy with the Riddler. He applauded Phoenix’s gracing performance for making the portrayal so realistic yet so creepy while also being able to garner sympathy from the audience. He expressed his admiration for the actor by stating,

“Todd Phillips is f***ing nailed that movie. … and Joaquin Phoenix’s crazy as f**k. He’s so good. He must be insane. He must be like an insane person. There’s no way he could be that good…”.

He also wished for Robert Pattinson’s Batman to collide with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in the future, which is reasonable considering their similar tone and realistic adaptations of the source material. But with the confirmation of Barry Keoghan as the Joker in Matt Reeve’s universe, all speculations of seeing the actors together have washed off.

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Joe Rogan praises Joaquin Phoenix
Joe Rogan praises Joaquin Phoenix

But as it seems, Joe Rogan and fans’ desire to see more of Arthur Fleck has been fulfilled, as Todd Philips and Joaquin Phoenix are returning alongside Lady Gaga in the sequel and going through the actor’s instinct of choosing scripts, it would be reasonable to expect another academy-worthy performance.

Joker 2 will hit the theatres on 4 October, 2024

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