“There is something that happens in season 4”: Antony Starr Promises the Weirdest Homelander Moment Yet to Come in The Boys Will Break the Internet

Antony Starr warned the people about Season 4 of The Boys and its gory content!

antony starr as homelander


  • Antony Starr portrayed the role of Homelander in the iconic Prime Video show The Boys.
  • Being a series about Supes gone wrong, The Boys comes with a lot of gore, weird, and, disgusting scenes.
  • Before the release of the 4th season, Antony Starr revealed in a public event that he has done some of the weirdest things in season 4 of The Boys!
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Antony Starr is an actor who doesn’t need an Emmy to prove his worth. Portraying the diabolical role of Homelander in Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys, the world has fallen in love with the psycho character and Starr is on a run to do some of the most weirdest things out there!

Antony Starr in a grin as Homelander in Season Four of The Boys
Antony Starr as Homelander in Season Four of The Boys | Amazon Prime Video

Well, fans of The Boys have already been treated to some nasty things over the years. From an o*gy of supes that ends up with a guy exploding inside another’s p*nis to a whale getting impaled by a motorboat, the series has been pretty gory, and Antony Starr said that the bar is only going to go up!

Antony Starr Is Here To Give Fans Some Trauma!

The 4th season of The Boys has been released and the world is currently in a dilemma. Would you deliberately ruin your eyes for an hour of The Boys? That is the question fans ask themselves every day before starting another episode of the Amazon Prime Video series.

The Boys season 1
The Boys Season 1 | Prime Video

To say that The Boys is a gory series would be an understatement as the show has gone beyond all moral and gore limitations. From killing a whale by impaling her to a sneeze gone wrong, the Prime Video series is nasty in every way imaginable.

Homelander, portrayed by Antony Starr is basically as if Joffrey Baratheon (from Game of Thrones) had superpowers. Well, lead actor Antony Starr recently attended the CCXP in Mexico and he had some words of wisdom to share with the world (via Instagram).

There’s something I can’t tell you guys about but listen I’ve done some pretty weird sh*t in my career but there is something that happens in Season 4 that was the strangest thing I’ve ever done. I can’t wait for you guys to see it. I don’t wanna ruin anything.

He further continued,


I’m not gonna tell you anything about it. but when it comes out I’ll be on social media

And Antony Starr chose to deliver on his promise. Taking to all the social media handles, the actor revealed before the release of Episode 4 of The Boys, Starr explained that the upcoming episode was something completely horrible.

The social media account of The Boys just uploaded a reel 20 hours ago with Antony Starr in the thumbnail. Despite dressing great, Starr revealed some intriguing details about the upcoming episode.

Episode 4 of The Boys Will “Ruin Your Appetite”!

Without spoilers, iconic actor Antony Starr held true to his promise and released a video on social media warning viewers about the grossness of an upcoming episode. Although it cannot be confirmed that Starr was talking about this particular episode in his earlier statement it seems that it could be true.

Homelander and Sister Sage posing along with the rest of the Seven in The Boys Season 4
Homelander and Sister Sage and The Seven in The Boys Season 4 | Amazon Prime Video

Having a crazy marketing team that knows the show inside out, Antony Starr appeared on The Boys’ social media handles all over the world. Appearing in a reel on Instagram, the actor talked about some weird scenes in Episode 4 of The Boys.

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A post shared by THE BOYS (@theboystv)

So there you have it, a nice big warning before diving into the chaotic and gory mind of creator Eric Kripke and the brilliant acting of Antony Starr. Episode 4 of The Boys has indeed been released since this video was uploaded, and the world is indeed talking about the weird scenes!

With an ongoing 4th Season that may shatter previous records, The Boys is enjoying its time in the spotlight. The iconic TV show received a rating of 8.7/10 on IMDB and a whopping 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.


With 4 seasons and new episodes getting released weekly, The Boys is available to stream on Prime Video in the U.S.


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