“There really is a James Bond”: Daniel Craig Almost Had a Different 007 Name Before Ian Fleming Changed the Titular Spy at the Last Minute

"There really is a James Bond": Daniel Craig Almost Had a Different 007 Name Before Ian Fleming Changed the Titular Spy at the Last Minute

When we speak about spy films, it’s always the name of James Bond that comes first to our minds. That’s the level of fame that Ian Fleming’s character received after his novels were turned into a film franchise. Over the years several actors have played the role of the British spy, but modern audiences believe that Daniel Craig is the ultimate face of 007. 

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Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig as James Bond

But surprisingly, the face was never an issue, as Ian Fleming almost changed the fate of the character by changing its name. Yes, you heard it right, Daniel Craig and other James Bond actors would have had a completely different name, since Ian Fleming almost christened him as something else, but Bond. 


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Ian Fleming Had a Totally Different Name For James Bond 

Ian Fleming’s hard work and dedication paid off when his iconic spy character – 007 received global fame and appreciation after it was adapted into a film franchise. Starting by featuring Sean Connery as the first ever onscreen James Bond in Dr. No (1962), the film franchise kicked off well, over several decades. 

James Bond
Several actors have played James Bond over decades

Currently starring Daniel Craig in the titular role of the British secret agent, the James Bond film series has turned into one of the most renowned franchises in the world. But surprisingly Ian Fleming’s character almost lost it all, when the author initially decided to name him something else. 

Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming almost had a different name for 007

According to Nicholas Shakespeare’s upcoming novel, Ian Fleming: The Complete Man, as shared by the New York Post, James Bond was almost christened as something wildly different. The surprising turn of events was discovered when the book’s author, Shakespeare, was given access to Fleming’s old papers. 


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Daniel Craig Almost Had a Different Name Until Last Minute 

As per the New York Post, Nicholas Shakespeare revealed how Ian Fleming almost named 007 as Rodney Bond. It turns out that Fleming was inspired to name his titular character Rodney, after a real person who saved the author’s brother, Peter, in 1941. Apparently, when Peter was stuck in Greece on a training mission, during Athens’ invasion by the Germans, it was Lt. Rodney Clarence Mortimer Bond who helped him escape. 

Ian Fleming
Fleming initially named 007 – Rodney Bond, after a real-life person

Heroically rescuing Ian Fleming‘s brother and a group of people by braving Germany’s attacks, Lt. Rodney Clarence Mortimer Bond became a muse for the author. Apparently, Fleming asked his brother, “Peter, I’ve written a bloody good thriller, but I can’t get a name for my hero” to which his brother replied, “Try Bond” and narrated the story. But eventually, the name James Bond caught Fleming’s attention. 

There really is a James Bond, you know, but he’s an American ornithologist, not a secret agent. I’d read a book of his, and when I was casting about for a natural-sounding name for my hero, I recalled the book and lifted the author’s name outright.” 

Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming eventually named 007 after an American ornithologist

Eventually, that’s how Daniel Craig’s James Bond got his name from almost becoming Rodney Bond. Right now it’s questionable if Fleming’s character would have received this billion-dollar fame if he was named Rodney. But certainly, the story would have enticed fans in the very same way. 


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Source: New York Post


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