“There was a dark figure in the doorway”: John Wick Star Keanu Reeves’ Life Was in Danger After He Found a Stalker in His Bedroom at Four in the Morning

"There was a dark figure in the doorway": John Wick Star Keanu Reeves' Life Was in Danger After He Found a Stalker in His Bedroom at Four in the Morning
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Popular for starring in the franchises like John Wick and The Matrix, Keanu Reeves has become one of the biggest action stars of Hollywood. He has gained worldwide recognition and following with his outstanding work over the years. However, not everything about being a renowned actor is cheerful. Sometimes, the actors have to face awkward situations, whether it is paparazzi following them around or dealing with a big crowd of fans.

Keanu reeves
Hollywood star Keanu Reeves

While some fans are satisfied to get a glimpse of their favorite star, and some may ask for a picture or autograph, there have been incidents when they took it too far. And the John Wick star also had a similar incident when he went through two intrusions within a week.

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Keanu Reeves’ Fans Invaded His House

Fans of some of the biggest stars have different ways to express their love for them. However, sometimes it takes a different turn, as they take extreme steps to have a one-on-one conversation with their favorite actor, singer, or any other celebrity. Keanu Reeves also suffered from his fans’ extreme love in 2014.

Hollywood star Keanu Reeves
Hollywood star Keanu Reeves

In 2014 reports came out that his house had been invading twice within a week. During one of the intrusions, he heard some voice outside his bedroom. Reeves shared that when he went out to check, he found a “dark figure in the doorway of the bedroom.”

He found a woman in her mid-40s sitting in his library and wanted to talk to him. “It was a woman, who was a fan, who just wanted to say, ‘Hi’ at four in the morning, with her luggage,” he shared. During an interview with Extra, Reeves shared that he was puzzled about what would happen after this.

Keanu Reeves in Constantine

However, despite being surprised, he calmly handled the matter and called 911. The woman who intruded his house was reportedly detained and was also checked for any mental health issues. While. And just three days after this, he found another stalker in his house.

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Keanu Reeves Called the Invasions Scary

During the first break-in in his house, Keanu Reeves kept his cool, called the authorities, and even offered to have a psychological evaluation of the fan. And just three days after the first break-in, he did the same things again.

Keanu Reeves.
John Wick star Keanu Reeves

The Speed actor was reportedly not at his Hollywood Hills home when another woman in invaded his property. She was found by the cleaning crew of The Matrix star after she went skinny dipping in his pool and even took a shower in his bathroom.

After finding her, the cleaning crew called Reeves and informed about everything that happened. After which, he called 911 and the woman was taken for a mental evaluation. Talking about the invasion in a Reddit AMA, he said that it was a “scary” experience and he has tried to improve his security since the incident.

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