“There was a lot of complication”: Ed Helms Did Not Like How Things Ended With Co-star Ellie Kemper in ‘The Office’

"There was a lot of complication": Ed Helms Did Not Like How Things Ended With Co-star Ellie Kemper in 'The Office'

Captivating audiences for nine seasons and over 200 episodes is no joke. However, the U.S. show The Office made it happen. There is no doubt that the show’s characters hold a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide. While there is an ongoing debate about the show’s potential for even more seasons had Steve Carell’s contract been extended, its popularity soared to new heights when it found a second life on Netflix.

And while the audiences relished watching the remarkable cast, The Office actor Ed Helms was not exactly happy with how things ended, especially with his co-star Ellie Kemper.

The Office - Season 9
THE OFFICE — “Finale” Episode 924/925 (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)

Even after the conclusion of the series, the tight-knit bond among the cast remains unbroken. And reminiscing about her memorable journey on The Office, Ed Helms shared his experience on the sets of the show. Moreover, he revealed why exactly he was unhappy with the ending.

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Ed Helms is not happy with how things ended with Ellie Kemper 

Having portrayed the quirky Andy Bernard in The Office, Ed Helms’s character was introduced in the third season of the show. Initially, Bernard was depicted as someone who was unable to impress the Dunder Mifflin ladies. However, when the character meets Erin (Ellie Kemper), the two of them get involved in a romantic relationship.

Claiming that the part where Andy and Erin get together was the most fun to shoot, Helms explained that he hated the character arc after that. Especially because Andy soon starts treating Erin poorly. Revealing how shooting those scenes was particularly difficult for him, Helms said,

“It felt right and fun, and then there was a lot of complication that emerged in ways that Andy and Erin sabotaged their own relationship.”

Ed helms in the Office
Ed helms in the Office

Furthermore, he shared that looking back at the show, it was obvious that Andy and Erin’s romance was doomed to end. However, he added it was the most fun thing to shoot.

“There was something so breezy and simple and natural about goofing off with Erin.”

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Ellie Kemper reveals the moment that made her wet her pants

While recalling the fun she had while shooting The Office, Ellie Kemper revealed that one particular incident made her laugh so hard that she wet her pants. Explaining how she couldn’t control her laughter while shooting the episode Death Bus, Kemper said,

“There was one really funny moment where you had to be there. I’m saying this, but it will not make sense to anyone. It didn’t make sense to me at the time. But I was laughing so hard during this song called ‘Shabooya’ that I just wet my pants.”

Ellie Kemper
Ellie Kemper

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Furthermore, she shared that after the incident, she stood up and announced that she had to change her skirt as she wet her pants. However, after hearing this the male actors were grossed out whereas her co-actresses didn’t even blink an eye.

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