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“There was a real distance between us”: Charlie Hunnam Fears Robert Pattinson Did Not Like Him After Their Bizarre Relationship in ‘The Lost City of Z’

"There was a real distance between us": Charlie Hunnam Fears Robert Pattinson Did Not Like Him After Their Bizarre Relationship in 'The Lost City of Z'

When Charlie Hunnam was looking for a smooth transition from the TV screen to the silver screen, The Lost City of Z came along. Although he had a great experience working on the film, Hunnam did not make very many friends, especially not with his fellow co-star Robert Pattinson. Reportedly the actor brought his aloof “Emo Batman” self to the set and mostly ignored Hunnam, who was eager to make friends with the Twilight actor. The two hardly spoke behind the scenes as Hunnam wanted the relationship to evolve on screen.

Although Pattinson isn’t particularly known for method acting, Hunnam respected his decision to be “in that zone” and therefore did not want to disrupt his process. All in all, he regrets the distance between them that he never got a chance to erase.

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam

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Charlie Hunnam regrets failing to be friends with Robert Pattinson

The jam-packed cast of The Lost City of Z had some exciting names such as Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland, and the Sons of Anarchy alum Charlie Hunnam. In the story, Hunnam’s Percy Fawcett, a Brit officer in search of a lost city meets Pattinson’s Henry Costin halfway through his search. Although, there was no such rivalry between the two characters, the actor Hunnam wanted things to look authentic on screen and wanted to get to know his co-star better during the times when their characters got a chance to interact. Therefore, neither of them put in any effort to talk to each other in between takes. In the LA premiere of the movie, the actor revealed to ET,

“There was something really exciting about the idea of not knowing someone, just letting a relationship exist exclusively on the screen,So, I had decided that I wanted to do that, but sometimes that can be alienating, and [can] put another actor off of their work and I don’t want to be that selfish.”

Robert Pattinson and Charlie Hunnam
Robert Pattinson and Charlie Hunnam

Therefore, explained what his experience was like executing this experiment on set with the Twilight actor. Allegedly it backfired when Pattinson was receptive to his move. He then further explained,

“Through the work, I don’t think I said more than ten words to Robert off camera,—I didn’t know if he was just ‘in that zone’ or if he genuinely didn’t like me. There was a real distance between us.”

Although there was no real rivalry between the actors, the little game they played helped them to build the relationship between their characters better. And well, had a perfect ice-breaker for when they finally decide to hang out after the wrap.

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Robert Pattinson on ignoring Charlie Hunnam

The entertainment media outlet also spoke with Robert Pattinson to clarify what went on on the sets of the movie, and his answer led people to believe it was a classic case of miscommunication. He said,

 “I didn’t ignore him,–Well, whatever, maybe… I thought he was ignoring me. I dont know. It was just the two of us in the hotel,”

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson

But Charlie Hunnam does not mind being ignored by the actor as long as he gets the opportunity to work with him. Thus, when asked, he had nothing but kind words to share about his co-star who allegedly ignored him throughout. He explained,

“You know, it’s funny. I don’t really know Robert that well. From the little I know, I like him enormously,–He’s a very sweet, intelligent, and thoughtful man.”

Despite the actors’ efforts the film failed to captivate the audiences and failed to sell them on itself. The total box office collection was $19.3 million with a budget of almost over $30 million. Although the film flopped, fans hope Hunnam finally got a chance to hang with Pattinson. The movie is available to stream on Prime Video.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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