“There were no huge fights, no sarcastic response”: Jennifer Lawrence Was Tired of the Toxic Masculinity on Her Film Sets

"There were no huge fights, no sarcastic response": Jennifer Lawrence Was Tired of the Toxic Masculinity on Her Film Sets

Jennifer Lawrence has always been a feminist and advocate for women’s reproductive rights. So, when the actress was finally offered a chance to work in a movie where all the prominent positions were held by women, she took the role in a heartbeat. The actress allegedly took a break from acting back in 2019 in order to focus on domestic activities and after returning to the industry back in 2021 in Leonardo DiCaprio’s, Don’t Look Up, the actress later starred in Lila Neugebauer’s movie, Causeway in 2022.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

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In Causeway, all major positions were held by women, Lila Neugebauer was the director of the movie. Jennifer Lawrence, and Justine Ciarrocchi, were the producers.

Causeway initially had Scott Rudin as the producer of the movie

Lila Neugebauer’s drama movie, Causeway first started filming back in 2019. However, Hurricane Barry put the production of the movie on hold and when the crew was looking back to start filming again in March 2020, everything in the world was put to a halt because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the filming of the movie finally began in April 2021.

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Scott Rudin
Scott Rudin

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Initially, the movie also had Scott Rudin as a producer but he decided to step down in April 2021 after he was accused of abusive and tyrannical behavior. The movie finally came out in November last year and was a huge success and received positive reviews from fans and critics.

Jennifer Lawrence talked about her experience working in a movie led by an all-female team

Jennifer Lawrence once revealed her working experience in Causeway and described it as ‘incredible‘. The actress said that there was not a lot of toxicity and sarcastic remarks among many other things. She said,

“The schedule made sense. There were no huge fights. If an actor had a personal thing and wanted to leave early, there were no sarcastic responses like ‘Oh, well, we all love to leave early.’ We would put our heads together and say ‘How can we figure this out?’ We disagreed, but we’d listen to each other’s points of view.”

Jennifer Lawrence in Causeway
Jennifer Lawrence in Causeway

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The actress further added that it was great to work on a movie led by an all-female team and “not be around toxic masculinity.”

Lila Neugebauer also won the Best First Feature Award at Rome Film Festival in 2022 for her direction of Causeway. The movie is currently streaming on Apple TV+.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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