“There were two stories”: Tom Hiddleston Revealed $449 Million Thor 1 Was Actually a Family Drama

"There were two stories": Tom Hiddleston Revealed $449 Million Thor 1 Was Actually a Family Drama
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From turning into Thor’s arch nemesis to giving up his life to protect him and the universe, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has established himself as Marvel’s favorite villain.


The 2011 movie not only boasted spectacular performances from Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, and Sir Anthony Hopkins but also introduced the world of Gods and Monsters to the MCU fans for the first time.

Tom Hiddleston, English actor
Tom Hiddleston, English actor

As such, the premise was grand with the kingdom on the line and fans’ expectations were grander. And although everyone left their own mark in the MCU by overcoming those complications in the movie, for Tom Hiddleston things might have been actually a lot simpler. The reason is his concept of Thor being just a family movie at its core.


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Tom Hiddleston claims Thor was a family movie

2011 brought the MCU Gods to the big screen for the first time. So, inevitably, the expectations were sky-high as well. While thankfully Marvel delivered on what Tom Hiddleston called,

“This epic, spectacular canvas. Asgard, a shining city, in the sky. With a rainbow bridge, and a kind of intergalactic energy that connected it to other universes…This was a world of Gods and Monsters. A world from myth and legend,”

there was yet more to the story. Because, to him, it seemed like, “There were two stories, almost.” Inside this grandiose world of royalties and their rivalries, he found there was a very small, regular, and relatable story of a family.

Tom Hiddleston (left) and Chris Hemsworth (right) as Loki and Thor in Thor (2011).
Tom Hiddleston (left) and Chris Hemsworth (right) as Loki and Thor in Thor (2011).

He explained, “Inside, it was very small drama. About a family. About a father and his two sons.” Hiddleston continued that their director Kenneth Branagh sat them down during script readings to explain that actually, this movie is about this family and their conflicts. However, he added,

“If that happens to be the family…the royal family at the top of the universe, these are very high stakes. But ultimately, they all still have the same very relatable, very accessible family dynamics, as any family on the planet.”

This is extremely true, as not only that family drama became the reason for the constant antagonism between the brothers, but even became the key reason for the Avengers to assemble in the first place trying to save the earth from Loki.

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Tom Hiddleston claims Loki is a very human character

Tom Hiddleston explained in an interview with GQ, how Loki has always dealt with his negative feelings about growing up in Thor’s shadow and never being “worthy” enough for the throne of Asgard and the responsibilities it brings.

And although this became the first fracture between the brothers, what really split them apart was Loki finding out halfway through the movie that he was actually adopted. According to the Archipelago star, that was the tipping point in his life, as it brought forth all his feelings of being,

“Betrayed, and upset and [that] gives way to all kinds of vulnerability, and anger, and grievance and grief.”


And this is when Loki becomes the comic book villain he was always known as. And although the movie ends with Thor witnessing his brother “dying,” he had to team up with the Avengers to protect Earth in the very next movie from that dead brother. As Tom Hiddleston put it, Loki was someone whose,

“Emotions you had to read on a big scale. But also, if you boiled it down, there was something very kinda human about his, about the things he was…his grievances.”

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in Marvel’s Loki

However, even with all the conflicts and complaints, throughout his appearances in the movies, Loki did go through a significant amount of character development. Not only that, but the brothers even managed to rely on each other in the end with Loki going up against Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War to help Thor and the other Avengers.

This, unfortunately, lead to his sacrificial death. This shattered a lot of fans because Tom Hiddleston portrayed that complex, multi-faceted character so magnificently throughout the years that even imagining Loki being someone else is quite impossible. 


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Thankfully Tom Hiddleston reprising his role in the Disney+ series Loki, not only took the sting out of his being taken out of the canon MCU so brutally. Not only that but seeing him in that new version made fans all the more appreciative of him.

In fact, with the second season scheduled to release later this year, and bringing another supervillain Jonathan Majors’ Kang with him, fans are extremely excited to go on another adventure with the God of Mischief once again. 


Loki 2 is expected to release later this year, although a specific date has not been disclosed yet.

Source: GQ


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