‘There’s a new team coming in… we’re spending more than ever’: WB Discovery CFO Hints DCEU May Be Bringing Back SnyderVerse

WB Discovery CFO Hints DCEU May Be Bringing Back SnyderVerse

Warner Bros plans for their future projects may be hinting towards the comeback of the already set universe, the Snyderverse. Its success and reactions given by the fans can very easily be a signal for DC to see its return.

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The news of having the Batgirl movie canceled created an uproar amongst the media as well as the fans. The movie was in post-production when the news of its cancellation surfaced. The CFO of Warner Bros. Discovery, Gunnar Wiedenfels stated that it did not impact internally within WB as compared to the deal created by the press and media.

Justice League Zack Snyder
DC’s Justice League by Zack Snyder

He states that the media has far amplified the news and its impact than what is the reality. He believes for it all to be media chatter and that the press is only doing so to create traction.

The DCEU Might Be Seeing A New Team

Batgirl was supposed to be Leslie Grace‘s debut as the title character of Batgirl/ Barbara Gordon, however, this was soon removed from the roster instead of even being shelved for a time being. CFO Wiedenfels says that they have a budget much bigger than ever and a new team in the works. While still on the hunt for their own Kevin Feige, WB states that when it comes to making decisions for the DCEU itself, five parties are in focus; namely WB, HBO, Discovery, Turner, and CNN.

Canceled Batgirl movie, HBO Max
Batgirl movie, HBO Max, now canceled

The entire process got divided and much more complicated after the merger between WB and Discovery. Even with a rising savings of about $3 billion and passing the $1 billion mark in synergies, the status of this new team still remains unknown.

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Gunnar Wiedenfels Views of the Press

Gunnar Wiedenfels conveyed that WB has taken a much smaller hit as compared to what the media has given the view of it to be. He also reverted to a no when asked if there was any reset strategy after the cancellation; that an entirely new team is in the works and the strategy in structure would be taking place instead.

“Media likes to talk about [the] media, I guess,” Wiedenfels said. “We have healthy relationships with talent, and we are offering one of the best platforms for anyone in the creative space.”

Batgirl in the DC comics

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The Potential Restoration of the Snyderverse

Talks with film producer and former would-be co-producer of Justice League Mortal Dan Lin quickly fell apart. If the fact he jokingly called Snyderverse supporters “bots” while still in negotiations wasn’t the reason, it sure didn’t help when Zaslav seems to favor the timeline.

Film producer Dan Lin was in talks to produce Justice League Mortal however that fell apart in an instant. He has mocked the supporters and fans of the Snyderverse by calling them bots when on the opposite hand David Zaslav, CEO of DC seemed in favor of the idea as well. Thus, it did not sit well in his court.

DC might bring back the Snyderverse
DC might bring back the Snyderverse

While the process is still in the talks and would take its own time, the staff is working their best to give us their potential vision as soon as they can. The Snyderverse could possibly be seen to return with the fan support and success that it had. Zack Snyder created a world and a storyline whose vision would work best with what they envision their audience’s response to be. With Zaslav also in favor of bringing back this universe created by Snyder, it may not be too farfetched to see it return.

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