“There’s a sort of anti-hero in that”: Not Chris Pratt, The Marvels Director Blamed Chris Evans for Thanos Snap That Wiped Out Half of the Marvel Universe 

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Not Chris Pratt, The Marvels Director Blamed Chris Evans for Thanos Snap That Wiped Out Half of the Marvel Universe 

Marvel Studios’ last two Avengers films, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame, were perhaps two of the most memorable films in the entire run of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Being a clash of the storylines of characters we have been following for many years through many films, the two movies gave us so many iconic moments and interactions, all the while having, perhaps, the most captivating storyline to come out of the MCU to that point. To tie this all together, Thanos, one of the most anticipated, powerful, and morally conflicting antagonists we have ever seen comes out of this franchise.

Josh Brolin as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War (2018).
Josh Brolin as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

While the films were certainly some of the best to come from the studio, they came with their fair share of sad moments, from the deaths of many beloved characters to some very avoidable disasters. The most notable of the latter that led to many of the former has to be the snap, the moment when Thanos erased half the universe. There have been many conversations over the years that talked about how the snap could have been avoided, trying to place blame on some hero or the other, and it would seem that a director of an upcoming Marvel project has more to add to this debate.

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Who Does The Marvels’ Director Blame For The Snap?

There have been many characters that have been blamed for Thanos snapping his figures and erasing half the universe. It would seem that at every step in his plan, there was someone or the other who could have stopped, blocked, or killed his plan or simply him, be it Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord, who has heard a lot from fans about his decision to let his emotions get the better of him and destroy Iron Man’s plan to steal Thanos’s gauntlet, or Thor, who even beat himself up for not going for the Mad Titan’s head with attacking him with his axe.

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Groot Thor Rocket Raccoon
Avengers: Infinity War

It would seem that another character has been added to the growing list as the director of the upcoming film, The Marvels, Nia DaCosta, has revealed who she thinks is responsible for the snap and the deaths of all those who passed because or after that.

“Something I like to say a bit flippantly about Captain America is that the Snap is all his fault because he was trying to do his best, trying to do the right thing,” she said to Inverse

According to the director, Captain America is to blame for all of this.

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Why Does Nia DaCosta Think The Snap Was Captain America’s Fault?

Elaborating on this, Nia DaCosta stated that she thinks that Steve Rogers is solely responsible for the snap and her reasoning for this is quite interesting. When Vision learned in Avengers: Infinity War that the infinity stone on his head was a threat, the first thing he asked for was for the stone to be destroyed, so that Thanos would not be able to complete his plan. Rogers, however, immediately shot this down, stating that they do not trade lives. DaCosta believes that this decision was not very smart and that sacrificing one life would have been better than the death of half the universe.

Avengers: Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War

“There is a world in which he’s a villain because, at the end of the day, he should have just sacrificed Vision. He chose one robot’s life, albeit a sentient one, over literally the entire universe. There’s a sort of anti-hero in that if you want to look at it through that lens.” she went on to tell Inverse

While this would make sense on paper, it would not have ended well if the mind stone had been destroyed as in the sequel to this film, Avengers: Endgame, We learn through the Ancient One infinity stones to maintain balance in the flow of time of a universe. If one stone is removed, or destroyed, it could lead to much bigger problems than the ones that Thanos posed.

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