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“There’s always forgiveness in the world”: Top Gun 2 Producer Believes Bad Boys 4 With Will Smith is Happening, Claims Audience Will Forgive Him Soon

“There’s always forgiveness in the world”: Top Gun 2 Producer Believes Bad Boys 4 With Will Smith is Happening, Claims Audience Will Forgive Him Soon

Will Smith’s handful of online and public appearances since the fateful night of the 94th Academy Awards has been aimed at the reparation of his image — especially as he managed to address the Oscars slapgate issue whenever given the opportunity and to anyone willing to listen. Having actively sought out Chris Rock’s forgiveness, rehabilitated himself, and appeared for a reformatory segment on Trevor Noah’s Daily Show, the former A-lister is ready to step out into the world again.

Now, after a relatively quiet launch of the Apple original film, Emancipation, the Hollywood star looks to return to mainstream cinema with Bad Boys 4, which will be Smith’s first major franchise film and box-office earner since the actor’s public outburst.

Will Smith at the 94th Academy Awards
Will Smith at the 94th Academy Awards

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Jerry Bruckheimer Welcomes the Return of Will Smith

Hollywood megaproducer and the man with Midas’ touch has spoken and it has been deemed that Will Smith shall return to the industry’s front and center as Bad Boys 4 gears up for production. Jerry Bruckheimer’s franchise, which has been a hit success and a crowd-puller, as usual, has been prepping for its fourth installment with Will Smith set to reprise his role as Detective Mike Lowrey, one-half of the “Bad Boys” duo — the other being Martin Lawrence’s Det. Marcus Burnett.

After Bad Boys 4 being in production limbo for months since the Oscar incident and talks of recasting Smith’s character gaining steam, rumors have been put to rest by Bruckheimer’s announcement. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, when asked whether the Will Smith x Bad Boys 4 combination was a “viable” idea, the producer claimed:

“I mean, Will made a mistake, unfortunately. That’s not who he is. He’s a phenomenal actor and there’s always forgiveness in the world. And hopefully, the audience will forgive him.”

Will Smith set to return in Bad Boys 4
Will Smith set to return in Bad Boys 4

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Currently, the screenplay for the film is being penned by Chris Bremner who is also credited with writing the scripts of Bad Boys For Life (2020) and The Man From Toronto (2022). The director of Bad Boys (1995) and Bad Boys II (2003), Michael Bay is expected to return for the latest installment.

Can Bad Boys 4 Deliver Will Smith’s Hollywood Comeback?

The Bad Boys franchise actor, Will Smith has been the talk of the tinsel town ever since the Oscars slapgate incident shook some emotions loose on the night of March 27, 2022. The numerous apologies and speeches that followed were accompanied by public outcries, especially as people began to openly and vocally criticize the actor, shunning his first major launch — Emancipation — as a result of that fateful night.

Will Smith [March 27, 2022]
Will Smith [March 27, 2022]
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In a world that is intent on canceling every offensive act, Will Smith’s total acceptance by the public seems like a long shot at best for the foreseeable future. However, the industry has a knack for compartmentalizing its elements and delivering box-office pieces that manage to feature actors who with time can bring the crowds into theatres once again is always Priority One for producers.

DC’s upcoming project with Ezra Miller looks to do the same while a lesser controversial Will Smith is being brought in to steer the Bad Boys ship, with the hopes of both redeeming the actor’s image and delivering a box-office success for the production.

No release date has been set yet for Bad Boys 4.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Written by Diya Majumdar

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