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“There’s certainly questions to be asked”: Hugh Jackman Breaks Silence on Bryan Singer’s Abusive Behavior on X-Men Movie Set

Hugh Jackman Breaks Silence on Bryan Singer’s Abusive Behavior on X-Men Movie Set

Hugh Jackman will be reprising his role as wolverine in the new X-Men movie, releasing on the 6th of September 2024. Since he is back on set, in a recent interview he recalled his on-set experiences of the first X-Men movie. X-Men(2000)’s success paved the way for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Yes, Hugh Jackman was a part of the superhero gestalt way before there was any. 

Unfortunately, its success was foreshadowed by accusations on Brayan Singer, the director of the film who is also credited for directing The Bohemian Rhapsody, he was accused of sexual assault by multiple men. 

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Hugh Jackman recalls the controversies and chaos surrounding Bryan Singer on X-Men sets

Hugh Jackman in Wolverine
Hugh Jackman in Wolverine

Shooting a film can sometimes be a daunting task, it takes time, effort, patience, and most importantly cooperation. Even after all the effort and hard work, the final image is in no one’s control. What’s worse is, when a cast or crew member gets involved in controversies they drag the image of the film down with them. Something similar happened with X-Men.

Hugh Jackman, when asked if the accusations affected how he now sees X-Men, Jackman replied by saying

“You know, that’s a complicated question. There are a lot of things at stake there. X-Men was the turning point, I believe, in terms of comic-book movies and I think there’s a lot to be proud of. And there are certainly questions to be asked and I think they should be asked.”


One of his co-actors in X-Men, Halle Berry also raised her concerns about the director’s behavior. She and a few others fought with Singer in his trailer. In another interview with THR The Logan, the actor was asked to comment on Halle Berry’s claims about Singer. Jackman replied saying 

“This was my first movie in America, you gotta understand; it was all so new to me. I think it’s fair to say that … There are some stories, you know … I think there are some ways of being on set that would not happen now. And I think that things have changed for the better.”

The admiration for X-Men continues to reign in our veins but one cannot overlook the exploitative behavior propagated by the director of the film. On the film set he almost endangered an actor’s life which caused the whole cast to threaten a walkout.

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Bryan Singer has been accused of sexually molesting four underaged boys. 

Bryan Singer
Bryan Singer

Brayan Singer has been accused by four men of sexually molesting them when they were young. Potter and French published a whole report on Singer’s sexual misdemeanor and talked to the victims. Through their report the victims got a platform to put their truth forward. The accused is known to use drugs and alcohol to lure the boys in, and once they are drugged he takes advantage of them. The singer is said to have used his power and resourceful friends to find “cute boys”.

Singer, However, the X-Men director has denied all these claims on multiple occasions and claimed that there are strategically placed to make sure his films don’t do well.

It does not end here, wherever he goes controversy follows. Bryan Singer was fired from the set of Bohemian Rhapsody towards the end, THR reported, the firing was because the director clashed with the star Rami Malek and disappeared from the sets When asked about his absence Singer said it was because he wanted to take care of his sick parents.

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One of the four men, who reported Bryan Singer is Victor Valdovinos. He told the reporters that he was an extra in the film, Apt Pupil. Singer approached him during a locker room scene and allegedly touched him. Singer also allegedly rubbed himself on Valdovinos who was just 13 at that time. Three more men, who wish to remain anonymous had similar accusations. One of them explained that even though he was not raped, he felt that Singer’s position of power left him no choice but to cooperate.

The two reporters received backlash from Bryan Singer, who took to social media platforms to deny all accusations and claims. He also called out the two reporters for targeting him and having homophobic intentions. Singer clearly said he has no p*dophilic tendencies whatsoever. It is through these reports and journalistic media that some extremely powerful men and women can be called out, it is a reminder that fame and money can only protect one for so long.

You can read the full report by the two journalists here: The Atlantic

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