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“There’s definitely an endgame”: Cobra Kai Star William Zabka Reveals Exciting Future For Series, Says He’s Open For Another Karate Kid Trilogy in Future

Cobra Kai Star William Zabka Reveals Exciting Future For Series, Says He’s Open For Another Karate Kid Trilogy in Future

Starting off in The Karate Kid as Johnny Lawrence, William Zabka found major fame as the blonde bully. The movies also slightly hinted at his tragic home life which was expanded in the follow-up series Cobra Kai, which was originally produced by YouTube.

Cobra Kai
Thomas Ian Griffith returns to acting to reprise his as Terry Silver in Cobra Kai.

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Seeing the return of Ralph Macchio as Daniel LaRusso alongside William Zabka, the show has shot up in fame for humanizing Johnny Lawrence and for approaching the inclusion of karate in society with some realism.

William Zabka wants another trilogy for the Miyagi-verse

Allowing the actor to do justice to his character, Cobra Kai has given his character a lot of depth and nuance, giving the audience a chance to sympathize with him. Considering how the universe has expanded, William Zabka joked that the show has no ending in an interview with, he stated:

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“Yeah, there’s no endgame at all, we’ll keep this thing for another ten seasons. [Laughs] There’s an endgame.”

William Zabka
William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence in Cobra Kai.

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Despite the captivating lore, the show can fall into the trap of overstaying its welcome like The Big Bang Theory. The actor continued the confirmed there is an endgame to show and teased the possibility of a spin-off trilogy.

“Everything’s pointing to a place on the map for sure. It’s a matter of how many we’re gonna get to do that, but there’s definitely an endgame. We’re gonna end the series, and then I think we’re gonna do a trilogy of films.”

How many seasons are left for Cobra Kai?

Cobra Kai was confirmed to have been renewed for season 5 by Netflix, allowing the creators to expand on the lore. Showrunner Jon Hurwitz hinted that the show might extend past six seasons as he has many more stories to tell.

Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai season 5 will see more of Chozen Toguchi played by Yuji Okumoto.

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Despite shows on Netflix known for having limited seasons such as Stranger Things which is expected to continue for only one or more seasons, there is no definite number of seasons planned for Cobra Kai.


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