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“There’s not enough women around here to keep us busy”: Dwayne Johnson’s $1.5B Fast and Furious Co-Star Says WWE is Anti-Women

"There's not enough women around here to keep us busy": Dwayne Johnson's $1.5B Fast and Furious Co-Star Says WWE is Anti-Women

Dwayne Johnson was once the biggest star of WWE. But over time, it’s pretty clear that he has distanced himself from the organization as well as wrestling as a sport. Now, his Fast and Furious 7 co-star has alleged mismanagement and even straight-up misogyny by the organization.

It’s true that WWE is way more male-leaning and it is those matches that get the highest amount of attention. However, Johnson’s famous co-star has alleged that the organization straight up doesn’t even invest in the women’s section and that they are actively trying to reduce it.

Ronda Rousey Attacks WWE With Scathing Words For Neglecting Women’s Fights 

Dwayne Johnson and Ronda Rousey
Dwayne Johnson and Ronda Rousey

Recently, Dwayne Johnson’s co-star Ronda Rousey, along with Shayna Baszler won the WWE Women’s Tag titles after defeating Bayley & IYO SKY, Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi, and Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville. But the wrestler wasn’t happy with the way WWE was running the women’s section of the event. In an interview with The New York Post, she said:

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“Well, the lack of competition is really the problem. I mean, we want to be the most active champions out there. I want to be able to defend this title every week and even twice a week on both SmackDown and Raw.” 

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Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey

She further fired at her employers for not filling up the women’s division, and even straight up said that her main goal now is to improve that section. She said:

“But with how dismally shallow the women’s division is right now, there’s not enough women around here to keep us busy for a month. And so that’s the biggest challenge that we have is to get this company to actually care and invest into this tag division.” 

This isn’t the first time Rousey has gone all guns blazing over WWE. She had previously criticized the way women’s storylines were getting booked. However, some think that Rousey is still partly in character during this diatribe. However, she isn’t necessarily wrong about what she’s saying.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Friend Tears Into WWE For Stripping Way Women’s Division

Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey

During the interview, Ronda Rousey talked about the changes that were made to the women’s division when she was away from wrestling and WWE after WrestleMania 35. She returned in 2021 to find the women’s division had nothing much left. Rousey also said that they were trying their best to make something positive out of a bad situation.

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Dwayne Johnson and Ronda Rousey
Dwayne Johnson and Ronda Rousey

She said:

“It was like the entire women’s division just got stripped clean. And now we’re the women that are left trying to piece together, you know, stories and a division, a tag division with around 10 women or even less on each roster. I mean, we’re trying the best that we can to make chicken s**t into chicken salad, and we made some amazing chicken salad [Monday night].”

The women’s roster was indeed affected badly by the pandemic job cuts at WWE. To make matters worse, the tag situation as well as secondary programs are poorly treated even though top-level storylines with women have improved a lot thanks to the Women’s Evolution. Overall, there’s a long way to go regarding this.

Source: The NY Post 

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