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“There’s nothing s*xy about it”: John Cena’s Response to Amy Schumer S*x Scene as Actress Regrets She Didn’t “Get to feel his b*lls”

“There's nothing s*xy about it”: John Cena’s Response to Amy Schumer S*x Scene as Actress Regrets She Didn't “Get to feel his b*lls”

John Cena has been climbing the Hollywood ladder for the past half a decade with consistency and grit and much like his DC and WWE counterpart and part-time rival, The Rock, Cena has also found a strong footing in the genres of comedy and action. The DCU star’s hilarious run as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad and its spin-off series has catapulted and solidified him as a powerhouse of talent and an actor on the rise. But even a star in the making sometimes comes across a role or two that leaves them more flustered and wiser for the experience. 

John Cena
John Cena

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John Cena’s Uncomfortable Encounter With Amy Schumer

A comedian of the most astute ranks, Amy Schumer has given the Hollywood audience such treasures as Trainwreck, I Feel Pretty, Life & Beth, and Inside Amy Schumer. The solo comedian and stand-up performer has rarely let down the crowd with her barrage of hilarity, be it on the stage or the screen and she seemingly found an unlikely yet potentially great victim in her Trainwreck co-star, John Cena.

In an interview with MTV Australia, Schumer recalled that her experience on the sets of Trainwreck with John Cena was particularly memorable, especially as the two got to shoot an intimate scene together. When the interviewer further asked, “Did his b*lls have muscles? I feel like even he’s got muscles in them,” Schumer claimed:

You know what, I didn’t get to feel his b*lls. It’s a major regret of mine. Major regret. But we’ll have to just hope that they do.

Amy Schumer and John Cena in Trainwreck
Amy Schumer and John Cena in Trainwreck

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The intimate scene in question that Cena and Schumer filmed together inspired many a question in numerous interviews. The actor, referencing shooting the scene he shot with his co-star confessed in an interview with Access Hollywood, “Theres nothing intimate or sexy about it – it’s true comedy.” He also claimed that Schumer’s presence on set took the edge off and simply ended up making the entire on-set environment incredibly funny.

John Cena Gets in Touch With His Funny Bone on Trainwreck

John Cena and Amy Schumer have often been prodded on their hilarious off-beat encounter on Trainwreck and both have referred to the situation as comedic and been a good sport about it. The actor went on to later claim in an interview with Access Hollywood that filming with Schumer and Judd Apatow simply felt comfortable since the pair didn’t make me feel for one second as if I was inferior.

John Cena and Amy Schumer behind the scenes of Trainwreck
John Cena and Amy Schumer behind the scenes of Trainwreck

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The unlikely rapport that bloomed between the two on the sets of the film further propelled him toward finding a more comedic presence in Hollywood. The actor went on to do spectacularly well in the dark comedy, Peacemaker, which remains one of the most loved, highest-rated, and insanely hilarious DC live-action projects to date. Cena later reunited with Trainwreck director Judd Apatow for a short cameo in his COVID-era comedy, a loose rip-off of Tropic Thunder, and a hilarious ensemble film, The Bubble. 

Trainwreck is available for streaming on Prime Video and Apple TV.

Source: MTV Australia

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