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There’s only one right casting choice – Dave Bautista’: DC Fans Divided Over Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista After James Gunn Hints DCU Lobo Project

DC Fans Divided Over Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista

Marvel star Dave Bautista is popularly known for his role as Drax the Destroyer in the MCU. The American actor first appeared in the role in Guardians of the Galaxy and is set to reprise his role in the upcoming threequel of the 2014 film. However, the third film, after the Holiday Special, would be the last film in the movie series. And reports are suggesting that James Gunn is not moving to DC Studios alone, as the director teases a new DC project which could feature the See actor in lead.

Dave Bautista with James Gunn
Dave Bautista with James Gunn

James Gunn has recently teased his first DC project as the CEO of the DC Studios. The Suicide Squad director recently joined the social media platform Mastodon and shared his first post. The first post included an image of the DC villain Lobo. The post has sparked several rumors and fans are discussing if the studio is planning to introduce the bounty hunter.

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Dave Bautista Expressed Interest in Playing Lobo in DC Extended Universe

As James Gunn teases a new DC project, fans have started suggesting who would be the perfect actor for the character. Sharing the post the American director simply quoted it with “Glad to be here.” One of the actors who has shown interest in the character is the My Spy actor Dave Bautista.

While promoting his film Army of the Dead in 2021, the actor shared that he would be interested in playing Lobo. During an interview at Justice Con in 2021, the actor was asked which DC character he would like to play. Answering the question Dave Bautista said, “I would really take a look at Lobo. I’d really be interested. I’d be all over that.”

Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista

There have been multiple attempts at making a Lobo film. In 2009, Guy Ritchie was reportedly working on a film based on the DC character. However, he left the project a year later for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

After this, it was reported that Dwayne Johnson is in talks to play Lobo in a film, which will be directed by Brad Peyton. However, no such projects have come to light under DC Studios so far.

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Fans Discuss Why Jason Momoa Would be a Better Lobo Than Dave Bautista

As Dave Bautista has expressed his interest in playing the character, the actor is now rumored to play the DC villain. Some fans totally agree with the casting and are supporting James Gunn to cast Dave Bautista as the lead. Some are also suggesting that there are actors who can be a better choice for the character than The Warrior Gates star.

Fans are claiming that Lobo is a character who has a bit of a mischievous prankster side and a shit-eating grin. And Dave Bautista is too serious in most of his roles, so he would not be the perfect fit for the role. And although Jason Momoa plays Aquaman he is perfect to take up the role.

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Fans Pick Karl Urban And Jason Momoa to Play Lobo

One name that is being suggested again and again is the Aquaman star, Jason Momoa. Some fans are saying it does not matter if he is already playing Arthur, aka Aquaman in DCEU, but he is could be so much better for the role than Dave Bautista.

James Gunn's first post on Mastodon
James Gunn’s first post on Mastodon

Some fans even suggested Karl Urban should play the lead in the reported DC project. Now that the rumors have started fans are also saying that they want a Lobo movie or show.

However. the studio has not confirmed anything regarding an upcoming Lobo project. But as James Gunn shared his first post on Mastodon, fans believe the director would not just be sharing the image for nothing.

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