‘There’s only one version of it’: WB Reportedly Distances Itself From Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Considers Joss Whedon’s Version As The Definitive One


Known for his gritty and grandiose approach to filmmaking, Zack Snyder certainly left his mark on the DCEU by giving Superman and Batman a darker theme. But the Snyderverse theme did not gel well with the audience, making Warner Bros. take controversial decisions.

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Man of Steel
Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel rebooted the DC films and kicked off the DC Extended Universe.

Due to a personal tragedy, the 300 director had to leave the production of Justice League, and the studio handed the reins to Joss Whedon which lead to a complicated mess with tonal inconsistencies, bad dialogue, and an underwhelming plot.


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Despite the negative reception, Warner Bros. stuck to its guns, maintaining the 2017 version to be final and canon. Fans were in disbelief that Zack Snyder had created such an unsatisfying film filled with misplaced humor and Mustache gate.


Fans get the Snyder Cut

After Zack Snyder confirmed a version of his movie existed, fans campaigned under #releasethesnydercut, to see the director fulfill his vision and fulfill he did. Zack Snyder’s Justice League received rave reviews from fans and launched another movement, #restorethesnyderverse.

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Zack Snyder's Justice League
Zack Snyder was allowed free rein to develop the movie however he want.

Despite the spike in HBO Max subscribes due to the Snyder Cut and the dough that Warner Bros. raked in, the studio is vehemently against restoring the Snyderverse as canon, considering Zack Snyder’s Justice League to be an experiment at most.

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The studio is already moving on to independent projects, with Joker 2 announced and Matt Reeves’ Batman doing so well, it’s unlikely that the studio will change its direction. It also canceled Batgirl, which had ties to the Snyderverse, leaving only Aquaman and Shazam with a stable future.

Warner continues to ignore the Snyderverse

Stabbing the Snyderverse once more, Rolling Stone reported that Warner Bros. denied Leslie Iwerks, a documentary filmmaker to have a look at license clips from Snyder Cut. She is previously credited with 2006’s Recycled Life, 2007’s The Pixar Story, and many more.


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Zack Snyder
The Snyder Cut has no shots added from the Josstice League.

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When she asked for the license clips, Warner Bros. reportedly told her that there is only one Justice League, the 2017 version. Still seeming to distance themselves from the Snyderverse, the possibility of a Snyderverse revival only continue to get dimmer.

Source: Rolling Stone


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