“There’s still stories to tell there”: Todd Howard Debunks a Fallout Season 2 Rumor That Had Been Steadily Catching Steam

Explore the unique narrative direction of the Fallout show, separate from the popular game series.



  • Todd Howard discusses Fallout TV series' future after reaching a milestone of 20 million players in Fallout 76.
  • Season 2 promises deeper exploration of new characters and fresh storylines.
  • Howard hints at a grand meeting of characters' paths in future seasons
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Bethesda’s Fallout 76 recently achieved a huge milestone by reaching the 20 million player mark. The major contributor to this success was the Fallout TV series, which began airing on April 10th earlier this year.


After the major achievement, Director Todd Howard gave an interview in which he talked about the future games and even the future of the show. He teased that the Fallout TV series will follow the new characters as they still have stories to tell.

Fallout Season 2: A New Set of Characters and a Fresh Location

Fallout 76 is turning five next month and celebrations have already begun.
Fallout TV series follows different characters from games. | Bethesda’s Fallout 76

The Fallout TV series is based on Bethesda’s popular game Fallout, developed by Amazon MGM Studios. However, the show follows its own story rather than following the story of one of the games. This means that the TV series has its own set of characters and their interesting story to tell.


This was emphasized by Director Todd Howard in the interview. Howard said, “There’s so many great characters that have a lot of stories left to tell”. The team behind the series is fully committed to delivering fresh narratives and experiences that showcase the harsh post-apocalyptic world. 

Fallout Season 2 is most likely going to follow the new set of characters and delve even deeper into their stories
The show will expand the post-apocalyptic world | Bethesda’s Fallout 76

Howard expressed that the show’s creators, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have many great ideas about the future of the series. Fallout Season 2 is most likely going to follow the new set of characters and delve even deeper into their stories. His exact words were: 

The one thing about TV that Jonah told me from day one is it’s about finding the characters. And I think it’s really awesome how these characters have resonated with the audience. And so I think there’s still stories to tell there. There’s so many great characters — I love Norm and Chet, I love the two of them in every scene. And obviously we have the Ghoul and Lucy and Maximus.

This shows that the TV series is trying to show new exciting stories while maintaining the quality of the characters and expanding the universe of Fallout.


Characters Converging: A Future Season’s Climax

The Fallout television series showcased just how much potential game-to-TV adaptations truly possess.
Characters will cross paths in future seasons. | Amazon MGM Studios’ Fallout

During the interview, the most intriguing information came when Howard discussed the long-term vision for the TV series. He said the new season will follow new characters and showcase new areas but when we set into the future seasons, everyone will meet and tie everything together.

These hints about the plot, show that the TV series is trying to explore the unknown with fresh characters and locations. And at last, when all these character’s path finally crosses, we will meet with an epic climax. 

One thing is clear, whether you’re a fan of the TV show or the game, Bethesda is looking to make you dive into the stories of new characters and lore behind the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fallout.


Fallout Season 1 is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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