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“There’s stuff you have to just let go”: Tom Cruise Felt “Misunderstood” in Interviews That Became Controversial Due To His Open Hostility and Caged Answers

Tom Cruise Felt “Misunderstood” in Interviews That Became Controversial Due To His Open Hostility and Caged Answers

Tom Cruise is a megastar. He has established a footing in Hollywood that remains awe-inspiring. Deemed the king of blockbuster action movies, Cruise has entertained the masses for decades now. His on-screen theatrics and high-octane performances have provided unimaginable thrills to the audiences. However, with every celebrity, there are facets we only get to see off the big screen.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise’s bizarre experience with interviews

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And, in the case of the Top Gun star, we have seen that some of his past interviews generated the same buzz his smash hits would. From caged, passive-aggressive statements to jumping on the couch out of intense exhilaration—the actor has made several headlines for some of his earlier interviews. When questioned about this conflicting media reputation, Cruise offered his honest perspective.

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Past Tom Cruise Interviews Created A Lot Of Buzz

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

2005 was an intriguing year for the Mission: Impossible superstar. Tom Cruise‘s appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show became a legendary occurrence in television history. It would forever alter pop cultural references. Cruise was there to discuss his new film, Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. However, the promotional stint would evolve into an unforgettable, over-the-top expression of unrestrained excitement. When the conversation turned to Cruise’s love life, he famously leaped onto Oprah’s couch to gush over his then-girlfriend, Katie Holmes. From here, a clip was birthed that changed television history forever.

Cruise’s unexpected outburst of enthusiasm generated a lot of buzz, but not all positive. The audience on the show’s set went berserk, just like the viewers at home. For ages, the tabloids had something to talk about. The incident became fodder for Internet gossip blogs. In general, people deemed that the actor had momentarily lost his mind.

Tom Cruise's heavily-discussed appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show
Tom Cruise’s heavily-discussed appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show

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That wasn’t the only time an unfavorable interview encounter occurred that year for Cruise.

Many people thought Tom Cruise’s answers on 60 Minutes Australia were cautious, even harsh. However, we must consider that the star’s ill-disposed reaction was provoked when the journalist seemed to have been probing into his personal life, asking questions notably concerning his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. In a calm, composed, yet peevish manner, the actor told off the interviewer by saying the following:

“Here’s the thing, Peter. You’re stepping over a line now. You know you are. […] I’m just telling you right now, put your manners back in.”

Many opinions were impacted by how Cruise appeared in these interviews. His media reputation took a temporary hit. While the actor is currently in his element and appears at ease during interviews, he previously felt misunderstood.

Tom Cruise Reflected On His Reputation

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise felt misunderstood

In an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2008 (via UPI), Cruise reflected on previous interviews and expressed his belief that some of his actions were misread. He recognized the significance of communication. While accepting his mistakes, he additionally acknowledged that some incidents were blown out of proportion.

Following was his statement:

“I feel like definitely things have been misunderstood, and there are things I could have done better. But then there’s also that world where you go, ‘Oh, it’s been spun to such an extent and that’s a truth also.’ Knowing when and where to communicate, I think that’s important.”

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise reflected on past interviews

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He added:

“A lot of times I was nervous giving interviews. Or I wasn’t sometimes as comfortable about things. And I realized that it’s OK. There’s stuff you have to just let go. I just have to do the best I can.”

Today, Cruise looks much more at ease in the interviews he chooses to give. He has also delivered two back-to-back blockbusters that audiences relished. We can conclude that the actor has opted to move on with his life rather than dwelling on his over-the-top behavior or stern, reserved statements of the past.

Source: 60 Minutes Australia and UPI

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