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‘There’s Two Homelanders in the World’: The Boys Showrunner Hints Ryan Will Kill Homelander in Season 4

The Boys streamed its final episode of the 3rd season on Prime Video and there was one particular scene that set up the theme for season 4! The action-packed, adrenaline-filled series is being speculated for a 4th season in the works and this scene of Homelander and Ryan Butcher perfectly sets it up. The upcoming article will be filled with spoilers for the final episode so a spoiler warning is now in effect (I didn’t get one 😭)

*Spoiler warning for the finale episode of Season 3 is now in effect*

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys.
Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys.

There are two Homelanders now?

If you have been following the series (of course, you do. I mean who wouldn’t?) Homelander’s son with Beckka Butcher has superpowers. Ryan Butcher has the same and/or greater powers than Homelander and this was used to create an epic scene in the season 3 finale. When in a surprising move, Homelander introduces the world to his son Ryan, a supporter throws a can that hits Ryan on the head.

The superheroes of The Boys.
The superheroes of The Boys in S02.

In response to this action, Homelander (being him) decimates that particular individual in front of the entire crowd. Homelander however is met with more cheering initiated by none other than Todd, the new boyfriend of M.M’s ex-wife Monique (expected). But why was this particular event shown in the show? It’s what happened after that counts. On a separate note, Here’s what Homelander actor Antony Starr has to say about his character’s redemption arc (you might find it surprising!).

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If Butcher gets a Homelander for himself?

An interview came to light regarding the 4th season of the show being officially announced and here’s what Eric Kripke (the showrunner of The Boys) had to say about Ryan.

“… moving forward, Ryan is a really important part of it. Both Butcher and Homelander have very good reasons to fight over Ryan because the stakes could not be higher. If Ryan goes Homelander’s way and then there are two Homelanders in the world, then that’s a nightmare for the planet.

The showrunner continued, “If Butcher can get Ryan into the light, then that’s probably actually the best weapon they have against Homelander. It’s always been a show about family, and so much of Season 3 was about fathers, so I think it makes sense that Season 4 is about sons.”

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A smile determines the fate

Cameron Crovetti as Ryan Butcher.
Cameron Crovetti as Ryan Butcher.

After the grisly murder of his protestor by Homelander, Ryan smirks a little. This shows the child’s appreciation for his father’s unchecked murder and may set up for a little siding with Homelander in the later season. The showrunners brilliantly gave a nod to the hidden and unchecked potential present in Homelander’s son. Season 4 will likely show Ryan choosing between William Butcher and Homelander to join forces. Considering this to be the brutal and unfair world of The Boys, the toss is in anyone’s court.

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The Boys is currently streaming on Prime Video and is a Prime Video exclusive to watch.

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