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These 10 Celebrities Refused A Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame

These 10 Celebrities Refused A Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame

One of the biggest tourist attractions in LA, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a place that houses the names of over 2,600 stars in bronze-star plaque planted in pink and charcoal terrazzo flooring. Every budding artist dreams of having their name written on this boulevard. However, we have some highly successful celebrities who have refused a star in their name:


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Madonna was peaking her music career in s after delivering the hit album Like a Virgin. She broke several records with her tracks and even went on to step her foot in Hollywood. She was approached by a group of critics for the honor but she turned it down without revealing the reason.

Whitney Houston

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Her music and style defined the 80s and the 90s. She was one of the 21st century’s most influential artists. However, the Hollywood Walk of Fame star didn’t have much prominence in Whitney’s views. She was nominated in 1995 to have her star in Hollywood Blvd., but her representative and staff never reverted. It was later revealed that she didn’t like the idea of people stepping on her name.

Bruce Springsteen

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Although Bruce Springsteen accepted the accolade, he didn’t quite give it any priority. Apparently, he never showed up at his ceremony despite fixing a date with the authorities. Soon after this incident, a revised policy was released that mandated the presence of the celebrity during the time of installation of the star else his/her nomination will be canceled forever.

Clint Eastwood4 1

Having the Academy-Award actor on the Hollywood Walk of Fame would be an honor for them instead of Eastwood. With 5 Oscars under his belt, Clint Eastwood is one of the biggest gems of Hollywood. However, all approaches by the Chamber of Commerce to get him his star have been turned down by Eastwood himself.

Julia Roberts

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In June 2020, Julia Roberts was picked to get her own star on the walk of fame. However, she politely turned down the offer. Just like many others on this list, Julia doesn’t care if she owns a small piece of land with a star in Hollywood.

John Denver

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Denver gave his nod to the Chamber of Commerce and accepted the title but never quite showed up at the installation ceremony. However, soon after his death, Denver’s name was embedded on the street and his children accepted the honor.

Muhammad Ali

7 1

One of the most highly respected sportsmen of all time, Muhammad Ali was nominated to have his star on the walk of fame. However, he refused for his name to be “stepped on”. However, the authorities later decided to make exceptions for Ali. Today, his name rests on a wall instead of the walk since Ali didn’t wish to disrespect Prophet Muhammad.


8 1

The master architect of funk, R&B, rock, and pop turned down his nomination on the Walk Of Fame as he “wasn’t ready” the first time he was honored.

Al Pacino

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Once the king of cinema, The Godfather star was approached by tons of Walk of Fames, magazines, endorsements, movies, etc. during the peak time of his career. Although he accepted the accolade from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Al Pacino never showed up to accept the honor despite constant reminders.

George Clooney

10 1 scaled

Clooney’s name is one from the showbiz that tourists and fans expect to see on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, despite receiving the nomination, George Clooney never showed any interest in the accolade and didn’t show up on the dates of ceremonies.


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