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These 15 Non-Marvel Characters Can Definitely Lift Thor’s Hammer

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor

It was asked on a Facebook survey to a bunch of readers, that Outside the MCU, which non-marvel character do they think could lift Thor’s hammer and Why. The responses were pretty entertaining:


1. Samwise Gamegee – Lord Of The Rings

Thor’s Hammer

Samwise was the only character who did not fall under the influence of the ring. He defeated a giant spider and carried Frodo up an actual volcano.

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2. Bob Newby – Stranger Things

Thor’s Hammer

Bob Newby of Stranger Things is so selfless, he’s willing to give away his entire life for a kid that’s not even his.


3. Malcolm Reynolds – Firefly

Thor’s Hammer

Captain Malcolm Reynolds can be deemed worthy of lifting Mjolnir because he’d never believe he’s good enough. He’s naturally equitable and good.


4. Guy – Free Guy

Thor’s Hammer

Guy would probably spawn Mjolnir right into his hand using those techy glasses of his


5. Uncle Iroh – Avatar

Uncle Iroh of Avatar is probably as worthy as Thor. He was the most pure-hearted character in the show. He was extremely wise, and kind and worked as a general in the military. You won’t ever see him taking himself too seriously.


6. Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter

Luna’s pure heart makes her worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer. If she’d ever lift the hammer, she’d probably give it back to Thor and ask him to tell her what his mother was like. Thor would confide in her and open up about all his childhood memories.


7. King Arthur – Arthurian Legends

King Arthur was a king worthy of a legendary sword named Excalibur that only he was able to pull out of a rock to fight for his kingdom. There’s no way he’s not worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer.


8. Rock Lee – Naruto

Rock Lee is one dude in the Naruto Universe who has no ninjutsu or natural ability yet worked very hard and become an elite Ninja. He’s definitely worthy of Mjolnir.


9. Paddington Bear – Paddington 2

The essence of innocence and purity of soul that the Paddington bear has, it’s got no match. With his golden-hearted belief in the virtuousness of everyone, he’s a fit to be on our list.


10. Pennywise – IT

If Pennywise works on people’s fears and Thor’s extremely afraid of anyone lifting his hammer, couldn’t Pennywise use that fear against him and lit it?


11. Neville Longbottom – Harry Potter

His parents were tortured and killed when he was just a baby. All through his school life, he gets bullied, yet he still has more nerve than most of the teachers and students at Hogwarts. He ain’t afraid to stand for what’s right. He’s definitely lifting Mjolnir


12. Bobby Singer – Supernatural

If it wasn’t for Bobby, Sam and Dean would’ve had the worst possible childhood. This father figure can be deemed worthy of lifting Mjolnir.


13. Shaggy Rodgers – Scooby-Doo

Shaggy is possibly a descendant of Steve Rodgers and that’s it.


14. Seymour – Futurama

If Seymour could, he would probably lift Thor’s hammer. He waited for Fry faithfully for over a decade.


15. Optimus Prime – Transformers

It was clarified that the sole reason why Vision could lift Thor’s hammer was that he was a synthetic, and not a biological human being. This brings us to the greatest Autobot of all: Optimus Prime.



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Written by Muneer

Muneer is an Indian writer at FandomWire who plans to visit all countries in this world to eat the food on their streets. Obsessed with joggers, he sings and plays the strings too.