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These 20 Easter Eggs In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Will Blow Your Mind

We found 20 Easter Eggs in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness!

🚨 Warning: Spoiler ahead for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness! Do not read if you haven’t watched the film🚨

1. The film introduces us to America Chavez who’s got the ability to create portals between the dimensions of the multiverse. America’s signature jean jacket has a star on it which represents the star-shaped portals she can open and an LGBTQ+ pride pin. The pin is a nod to her mothers Amalia and Elena Chavez.

Easter Eggs In Doctor Strange

2. The bus that the tentacle monster Shuma-Gorath tosses at Strange and America during the fight sequence has the number “6192” on it. Marvel cleverly slips important comic numbers this way and this is possibly a nod to Avengers Issue #61 and Avengers Issue #92, which had Dr. Strange seeking the help of the Avengers for the first time and Scarlet Witch leaving the group. 

Easter Eggs In Doctor Strange

3. The screenwriter of the film, Michael Waldron can be spotted as one of the wedding guests when Christine and her husband go out onto the balcony and watch Strange and Wong fight the monster. 

Easter Eggs In Doctor Strange

4. America’s theory about dreams being an essential window into the lives of our multiversal selves makes all the way more sense if you join the dots with this moment from Avengers: Infinity War. Tony tells Pepper that he dreamt about their future daughter Morgan, which means he was likely getting a look at a universe where the three of them were happy and together.

Easter Eggs In Doctor Strange

5. The reason for Wanda’s easy escape from the mirror dimension was explained by Mordo in Doctor Strange (2016). He claimed that people who use Dark Dimension magic are way more powerful in the mirror dimension

Easter Eggs In Doctor Strange

6. When Doctor Strange and America are tumbling through different universes, you can spot the Living Tribunal in one of them. According to the comics, Living Tribunal protects and maintains the rightful balance in the multiverse. We previously got a glimpse of it in Loki Episode 5 when Loki ended up in the Void.

7. Another interesting detail in one of the universes that Strange and America tumbled through had a taxi with an advertisement that said “Grindhouse Releasing.” Grindhouse Releasing happens to be an independent Hollywood distribution company that helped in restoring and re-releasing director Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead

Q&A: Sam Raimi on 'Doctor Strange' and his superhero return | AP News

8. The guy named Pizza Poppa who pisses off Strange was played by Sam Raimi’s friend Bruce Campbell. Bruce has previously made several cameos in films that Raimi has directed.

9. When Wanda learns that Wundagore is a throne for the Scarlet Witch, we get our first visuals of a statue behind her that has an uncanny resemblance to the drawing of the Scarlet Witch from the Darkhold that we saw in WandaVision Episode 9.

10. The Ultron bots that we see on Earth 838 give us an understanding of how the world would’ve turned into if Tony and Bruce’s Ultron program never got corrupted and became successful. This highly implies that this universe doesn’t have a Vision.

11. When Professor X shows Strange what happened to the Strange of their universe and how he died, it is seen that Earth 838’s battle with Thanos entirely took place on Titan. Thanos in this universe never descended upon Earth as he did in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame

12. At the end of his meeting with The Illuminati, Professor X says that he can put faith in Earth 616’s Doctor Strange as he might be different. This is a nod to the wit that Charles gave his younger self in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

13. Before shredding Reed Richards like paper, Wanda asks him if he’s got any children. She’s happy to learn that their mother can take care of them after she kills off Mr. Fantastic. In the comics, Sue Storm marries Reed Richards and gives birth to two children, Franklin and Valeria. 

14. When Charles Xavier enters Wanda’s mind, he steps in through a door that resembled the one that Maximoffs’ home had in WandaVision. This explains why Wanda is stuck under rubble in that scene. It was where she and Pietro hid after their apartment was bombed.

15. When Charles attempts to pull Wanda out from the rubble, you can see a small red TV playing the first two episodes of WandaVision. This TV was seen in Episode 8 of WandaVision, when Agatha took Wanda through her memories.

16. Director Sam Raimi slipped in another easter egg as he uses his iconic yellow Oldsmobile Delta 88, which he calls “The Classic.” You can spot it in the destroyed universe that Doctor Strange and Christine land in. The car has been previously used in all of Sam Raimi’s films like his Spider-Man trilogy, Drag Me to Hell, Evil Dead, and more.

17. When Doctor Strange of Earth 616 is fighting evil Strange, the light emitted from evil Strange’s magic is purple just as Agatha’s magic had in WandaVision.

18. Wanda’s decision to destroy Darkhold and the temple at Mt. Wundagore got her buried under the rubble. Although it appears to be the end of her MCU journey, many fan theories claim that she’s still alive. Getting trapped in rubble was a parallel created to how she got her powers after being stuck in the debris of her house in Sokovia with Pietro.

19. The film comes to end with Doctor Strange developing a third eye just how evil Strange had after reading and using the Darkhold. This eye is more like a physical manifestation of the Eye of Agamotto that Strange guarded in Doctor Strange and Infinity War.

20. The post-credit scene introduces us to Charlize Theron who’s here to play the role of Clea. Clea works as a close aid of Doctor Strange in the comics. She’s likely to be Strange’s next love interest as the duo gets married in the comics. Clea also becomes the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth and the Dark Dimension at a later stage.


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