“These people don’t want me to make it”: Kevin Hart Believes Shadowy People are After Him Who Don’t Want To See Him Succeed in Hollywood

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Before Kevin Hart was cracking people up with his immaculate comic timing and eye for jokes, there was a time when it seemed like things could have gone south. Success was hard to come by initially. Looking back at that difficult phase of his life, Hart remembered how it felt when his pilots were being turned down in succession and how a few people didn’t want to see him make it big in the industry. 


How it all started for Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart has had to work hard to be where he is

At the turn of the century, Kevin Hart was not the man he is today. He had his stand-ups which began to earn him a reputation. But that was far from enough for the Scary Movie 4 star. Fame was hard to come.

Things changed though. Come 2002, he got his first shot at glory, with his set of guest appearances in Undeclared. He might not have been featured in all episodes. But he made his presence felt. Fate smiled upon him, as it was around that time that he was offered his first pilot.


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Kevin Hart ‘cancelled’

Kevin Hart in Hart to Heart
Kevin Hart had to face a lot of rejections at the beginning of his career

Kevin Hart had worked with Judd Apatow while shooting Undeclared. When the two came back together for North Hollywood, there were expectations that something was cooking. The pilot, also starring Amy Poehler and Jason Segel in important roles, did not live up to its billing. 

The pilot was not picked up by ABC citing a change in expectations. What followed was a sequence of endless rejections for the Paper Soldiers star. Years down the lane, in an episode of Hart to Heart, the 44-year-old opened up about the tough times.


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Why did Kevin Hart’s pilots get rejected?

Kevin Hart
Some people didn’t Kevin Hart to make it big

The Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle star said,

“There was a moment where I was doing sitcoms. These are like pilots. So every sitcom you’re doing you want this to get picked up. There was a moment where I did so many pilots that didn’t get picked up. One day, I’ll never forget this. I was home and I was like, ‘It’s me. These shows got one common denominator and it’s me. These people don’t want me to make it.””

Hart didn’t let these thoughts bog him down though. If there are people out there who didn’t want him to make it, why care? And as we would later find out, fate had other plans for him. 


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