“They all look ugly”: Even With its Many Offerings Overwatch 2 is Failing to Keep Fans Excited For Season 11 For One Major Reason

Overwatch 2's Latest Season Might Struggle

Overwatch 2 Season 11


  • Overwatch 2's eleventh season, launching on June 20, introduces a new Battle Pass brimming with Kamen Rider-inspired skins.
  • Fan reactions across social media platforms reflect a mixed reception.
  • A significant portion of the fanbase has voiced their frustration over the lack of variety and innovation in the skins.
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Overwatch 2 is getting a new season on June 20. Season 11 will be themed around Super Mega Ultrawatch and will include some Kamen Rider-themed skins. And while you might think something like this would get the community hyped, the reception has been lukewarm at best.


Fans have been loud in their disappointment of the new battlepass skins. The main complaints are regarding the lack of creativity and the repetitive nature of the skins. According to fans, the skins fail to get players excited the way older seasons did.

Overwatch 2‘s Latest Season 11 Faces Backlash Even Before Its Release

Overwatch 2's Latest Season 11 Faces Backlash Even Before Its Release
The Community is Very Vocal About Its Disappointment. | Blizzard

Each new season of Overwatch 2 brings the battle pass with it which always follows a theme with the overarching season. It’s also packed with hero skins, voice lines, and emotes, amongst other rewards. But the upcoming Kamen Rider-themed skins haven’t gotten the most positive reception.


Players on social media and forums have criticized the aesthetic choices, stating that the skins look “ugly” and that the same heroes are getting new skins repeatedly, leaving many feeling unenthused about the upcoming season.

The Season 11 Battle Pass of Overwatch 2 is priced at 1,000 OW Coins ($9.99/£8.39) and offers 80 items, including skins, voice lines, and victory poses. There is also a Premium version that costs 2,200 OW Coins ($20/£16.79) and has a bonus 20 free tier skips and a 20% XP boost. 


And while these items, perks, and bonuses have the purpose of adding to the player experience, the actual skins and contents this time have not particularly impressed the community.

The Community is Very Vocal About Its Disappointment

The Community is Very Vocal About Its Disappointment
Overwatch 2’s Latest Season 11 Faces Backlash Even Before Its Release | Blizzard

Overwatch fans and players have flocked to social media posts  X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit with different opinions about the new skins. While some have praised the references and throwback to Kamen Rider, others have expressed that while the idea is cool, the execution is poor.


According to the majority of the community, the skins don’t match the personality of the characters or the game’s general style and feel kind of forced. The common conclusion that fans have reached is that Blizzard is not considering the voice of the playerbase which isn’t the most active right now.

Another point that players are discontent about is the alleged bias in skin distribution. Heroes like Cassidy and Ana get regular updates and skins, yet others like Reinhardt and Brigette are overlooked. Instead, if Blizzard just added skins for characters that players actually want, it could bring back player excitement.

This kind of thing is what upsets players who mainly overlooked and ignored heroes. There is often a feeling of stagnation and predictability for every update if the developers never listen to player feedback.

The Community is Very Vocal About Its Disappointment
Overwatch 2’s Season 11 Battlepass is getting a bad rep already. | Blizzard

Overwatch 2‘s Season 11, and the game in general is currently facing issues in keeping player interest. The community’s response indicates that simply providing new skins and themes is not what’s going to keep players interested.

Blizzard may need to reconsider its seasonal content strategy and discover ways to provide more variety and enticing updates to keep players interested and excited about future seasons.


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