“They are allowed to do weird sh*t now”: Joe Rogan Suspects Robert Downey Jr Left MCU Because It Became a “Velvet Prison” For the Iron Man Actor

Joe Rogan Suspects Robert Downey Jr Left MCU Because It Became a "Velvet Prison" For the Iron Man Actor

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) stands as a colossal titan in the world of cinema, effortlessly entangling global audiences with its superhero narratives. However, one enigmatic departure from this cinematic universe continues to stir intrigue and speculation among fans. In a recent revelation, Joe Rogan ventured into the domain of theories regarding Robert Downey Jr.’s exit, the charismatic embodiment of Tony Stark.

Joe Rogan
Former television presenter, Joe Rogan

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The 56-year-old insights lure us to ponder the possible motives behind Downey Jr.’s farewell from the MCU, adding a layer of charm to this already captivating narrative.

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Joe Rogan Commented On Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan is a celebrated commentator

Marvel Studios, known for their stellar superhero productions, have found themselves amid a sea of divided fans due to their creative choices. Joe Rogan, a respected UFC commentator and well-known podcast host, is leading the effort in slamming Marvel’s endeavors.

Rogan’s perspective took an intriguing turn as he delved into the departure of Robert Downey Jr. from his iconic role as Iron Man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

In classic Rogan fashion, his commentary offered fans a fresh and unfiltered outlook on the actor’s exit from the superhero franchise. He makes the startling claim that Downey Jr. would have felt limited in the MCU since he called it a “velvet prison.”

This candid remark adds a layer of complexity to the discourse surrounding the actor’s decision. More recently, Rogan shared his insights on how the concept of the multiverse has revolutionized the MCU, allowing for uncontrolled creativity.

Robert Downey Jr.
Actor, Robert Downey Jr.

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During a podcast episode with comedian Brian Simpson, Rogan remarked,  

“They are allowed to do weird sh*t now because of the multiverse. They just go back in time and reset things.” 

This discussion also centered around Marvel’s multiverse, which includes many different superheroes and stories.

Simpson, Rogan’s podcast guest, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing how Marvel’s devoted fanbase permits them to produce films that merely exceed irrelevance.

These compelling insights add depth to discussions about the motivations behind Tony Stark’s storyline in Avengers: Endgame.

It’s worth noting that Rogan has previously voiced his uneasiness about the MCU, including his skepticism about someone else taking up the mantle of Iron Man. This ongoing critique underscores Rogan’s engagement with the complexities of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Joe Rogan Was Unhappy To Think About Another Actor Playing Iron Man

Joe Rogan
Comedian, Joe Rogan

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UFC commentator has left no room for confusion when expressing his strong sentiments regarding the possibility of another actor taking up the mantle of Iron Man.

Rogan’s profound dissatisfaction arises from his profound attachment to Downey Jr.’s rendition of the genius billionaire, Tony Stark.

When the American actor and producer casually hinted that his tenure as Tony Stark might not be eternal, Rogan immediately rebuffed such musings. To him, the mere notion of the MCU without Downey Jr. in the iconic role was nothing short of appalling.

In a candid outburst, the comedian exclaimed,

Get the f**k out of here. You’re Iron Man, man. It’s like, certain dudes just own a roll.”

Rogan argued that certain individuals become synonymous with their roles, and Downey Jr. was the classic Iron Man. He also pointed out that attempting to replace him would likely displease the audience.

Rogan’s fervent stance underscores the profound emotional connection fans have with the MCU and its cherished characters. It magnifies the enduring influence of Downey Jr.’s portrayal on both the franchise and its devoted fan base.

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