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“They are both extremely stubborn”: Jeremy Renner’s Ex-Wife Sonni Pacheco Reportedly Freaking Out after Renner’s Leg Amputation Rumors

Jeremy Renner's Ex-Wife Sonni Pacheco Reportedly Freaking Out after Renner's Leg Amputation Rumors

Jeremy Renner and his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco broke things off on rather rough terms after a short-spanned marriage. Something between the two has been rocky for a long time and the divorce was not the easiest either. However, ever since the actor’s brutal accident, things seem to have smoothened for the pair. The back and forth between the two hasn’t been the easiest.

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

So much so that the allegations that had been thrown were a constant argument between them in court during their divorce and child custody. The happenings of the accident have changed the tides for the two as they slowly seem to smoothen things out. The concern that was looming around every fan, family member, and friend of Jeremy Renner has undoubtedly also reached Pacheco.

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Jeremy Renner And Sonni Pacheco Are On Better Terms Now

Everyone has been concerned to the core about Jeremy Renner‘s health ever since his accident with the snow plow. It has not been an easy journey for the actor, especially considering how badly his life was in danger and how he reportedly risked losing a leg. This included his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco. Things between the two have never been the easiest but, now there seems to be a change of tides for them.

Sonni Pacheco

“But things have calmed down in recent months and of course she was freaked out by Jeremy’s accident and is relieved to hear he’s doing better.”

The actress filed for divorce only ten months after their marriage, however, now the two seem to have gotten closer following her concern for Renner. The actor has also been FaceTiming his daughter to make sure that she knows of his condition but, also knows that he is doing okay. While she is unaware of the intensity of his injuries, she still knows that her father was in the hospital because of an accident.

Things between the two have always been nasty to look at as they kept throwing allegations at each other in court. It even went on to Pacheco accusing the actor of consuming drugs. She then went on to ask for full custody of their daughter. Although it was claimed by the actor that his daughter’s well-being is his priority, it was never confirmed as to whether any allegations were true or not.

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Jeremy Renner Slowly Nurses Back To Health

Although Jeremy Renner is back home after being discharged from the hospital, it is still not clear when the actor would fully be healthy again. His friends and family are concerned about the amount of time it would take for the actor to get back to his prime self. Some say that it could take months if not years for him to be nursed back to health.

Jeremy Renner with the doctors and nurses
Jeremy Renner with the doctors and nurses

The accident with the snow plow left Renner in a tragic condition with his life on the line and the fear of an amputation underway. However, now he is back in the comfort of his home surrounded by his family. He is slowly returning to health and has been updating about it his fans to make sure that they too do not fear too much.

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Source: Radar Online

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