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“They are going to deliver Superman back to us”: The Rock Truly Changed DC’s Hierarchy With Black Adam, Forced WB Chief David Zaslav to Deliver His Demands at Any Cost

David Zaslav and Black Adam

Since the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the DC Extended Universe has released many standalone films such as Joker and The Batman. So when Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam was in the works, many fans hoped we’d finally see the Snyderverse return.

Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson as the titular character in Black Adam.

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Since the shakeup of WB-Discovery by the new CEO David Zaslav, which included him canceling Batgirl, fans have been wondering what this meant for the Snyderverse. Walter Hamada’s departure further fueled many fans’ expectations to see Superman and Cyborg return to DCEU.

Snyderverse leading up to Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson has been discreetly fighting for a long time to restore the Snyderverse. With his most popular act being a tweet, where he affirms to be the fan’s voice while replying to a tweet hoping to see Superman clash against Black Adam.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill as Superman in the Snyder Cut.

Later on, in many interviews, he continued to hint at Henry Cavill‘s Superman going toe to toe with his character. In a Q&A with Vanity Fair, he commented on how Justice Society of America would fare against Superman’s Justice League, by noting that he’s stirring things up.

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Since Black Adam is expected to revive the DCEU, Dwayne Johnson holds considerable sway and it seems like he’s capitalizing on this advantage. As reported by, the actor was fighting with many executives at WarnerMedia to restore the Snyderverse.

Dwayne Johnson’s promise

As the DCEU continues to languish when compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Black Adam in the same universe as Man of Steel wouldn’t be the worst of ideas. In a recent interview, Dwayne Johnson commented on the same, he said:

“Superman has got to be in this universe for us to build out properly… [Zaslav, De Luca, & Abdy] are going to deliver Superman back to us…”

Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson promised Black Adam would shake things up in DCEU.

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He noted how the new leadership at WB-Discovery aided in helping him restore the Snyderverse and asked the fans to finally rejoice as “they’re finally listening to us.” If it is true that David Zaslav helped in making Zack Snyder’s Justice League canon, we might see more of Henry Cavill in the future.

Black Adam is now in theatres.

Source: Twitter

Written by Nikhil Makwana

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