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“They are unreasonably hostile”: Warner Bros. Has Reportedly Forced Emmy Winning Ted Lasso Actors to Stop Pursuing Other Projects, Including Thor 4 Star Brett Goldstein

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The award-winning comedy series Ted Lasso has found itself in some trouble after the actors reported that the contracts of Warner Bros. are not in favorable conditions. Along with calls of being “unreasonably hostile”, the statement leaves another mark in the controversial history of Warner Bros.

The recent chaos unfolding at Warner Bros. Discovery has had a massive backlash from fans across the world. The word of beloved actors from their favorite series being contractually bound may be enough to push it over the edge.

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Jason Sudeikis is the lead actor in Ted Lasso (2020-).
Jason Sudeikis is the lead actor in Ted Lasso (2020-).

Warner Bros. Is “Unreasonably Hostile” For Ted Lasso Actors

Sources from Puck tell about the conditions over at the sets of Ted Lasso and the behind-the-scene troubles of the numerous actors and actresses that have been contractually obligated to perform.

It is alleged that the various actors and actresses working on the sets of Ted Lasso have been contractually bound to not appear in any other form of media. They are not allowed to be cast in any major films, series, or, any form of media except Ted Lasso as per their contracts.

Ted Lasso has won numerous Emmys over the years.
Ted Lasso has won numerous Emmys over the years.

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According to the sources, during a renegotiation of the contracts, things got a little too intense with the actors claiming that Warner Bros. was being “unreasonably hostile”. The recent Thor: Love and Thunder star Brett Goldstein is also one of the actors bound by the restrictions of his contract. Despite the show streaming on Apple TV+, it is a product of Warner Bros. and thus the entertainment giant gets the final say in the matter.

Ted Lasso Had Horrible Shooting Conditions

Jason Sudeikis has complete control over Ted Lasso this season.
Jason Sudeikis has complete control over Ted Lasso this season.

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The 3rd season will mark the time when Jason Sudeikis will have complete control over the content of Ted Lasso. However, it was leaked that the shooting of the 3rd season is in shambles right now due to various circumstances.

According to rumors, the script for season 3 was ready by September 2021 while the actors were called by January 2022. The shooting did not start until the March of this year due to script changes, character arc changes, and, a rewriting of the script because Jason Sudeikis did not feel it was good enough.

During these several months, the cast was offered several lavish and famous roles which Warner Bros. shut down due to their contract. Ted Lasso won this year’s Emmy award for the “Best Comedy Series”  with many fans hailing this as one of the finest.

Ted Lasso is available to stream on Apple TV+

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