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‘They better cancel this show now’: Tanya Reynolds Confirms She Won’t Return For Sex Education Season 4 After Patricia Allison, Fans Fear Emma Mackey Leaving Too

After Patricia Allison, Tanya Reynolds makes headlines for confirming her exit from Sex Education Season 4. The beloved ground-breaking ensemble cast Netflix dramedy created by Laurie Nunn aired in January 2019 and has been received with widespread acclaim, rated 8.4 on IMDb, and garnered a record 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sex Education
Sex Education

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The Netflix series, which has witnessed a record-breaking viewership success, also stars Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Gillian Anderson, and Alistair Petrie, among its numerous other ensemble cast members.

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What Makes Sex Education a Success?

The 8-episodes per season series is rather quantifiable for its otherwise heavily laden subjects and mature themes of gender and identity politics, sexuality, and mental health. The series, which has had only three seasons under its banner so far, has been hailed as revolutionary in the way it pervades the teenage setting of Moordale High School and circumvents the fictional narrative to portray a believable institution of children inherently confused and struggling with coming to terms with who they are and where they belong on the spectrum.

Sex Education cast
Sex Education cast

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What makes Sex Education a blaring success is a fact that it does not bait the audience for a joyride of teenagers and their “problems”. Rather, it shows a detailed narrative of their daily struggles, the ever-present peer pressure, and the choice of conformity, and tackles these issues head-on in an educational yet non-patronizing manner to make it an easy pill for the audience to swallow.

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Tanya Reynolds, Patricia Allison Leave Sex Education 4

The Netflix dramedy has boasted of a stellar cast headlining stars such as Asa Butterfield as the series protagonist Otis, Emma Mackey as Maeve, Ncuti Gatwa as Eric, and Gillian Anderson as Dr. Jean Milburn. However, after 3 brilliant seasons, rumors have been circulating regarding the series star Emma Mackey’s departure from the series.

Sex Education stars Tanya Reynolds and Patricia Allison
Sex Education stars Tanya Reynolds and Patricia Allison confirm exit

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Although those rumors have been nullified, other actors, namely Tanya Reynolds, who plays the alien-aficionado, Lily, along with Patricia Allison who plays Ola, are indeed not returning for Sex Education Season 4. Talking to Radio Times, Reynolds said:

“It’s just the natural progression of these shows — when you have such big ensemble casts and so many characters, I think you have to let a few older characters go to make way for newer ones, which is absolutely the right thing, the way it should happen.”

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However, fans are not too happy about losing one of the most adored characters from the series.

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Sex Education Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger as Moordale High has been dismantled and all its students’ fates are yet to be decided. Maeve leaves for the US and Otis welcomes a new sibling into the world. The series stars Emma Mackey recently found fame working alongside another stellar cast on the movie, Death On The Nile while Ncuti Gatwa made history this summer by becoming the first Scottish-Rwandan actor to bag the role of Doctor Who.

Source: Radio Times