“They better not skip Skypiea”: Netflix’s One Piece Gets the Mother of All Updates But Real Fans Are Worried About 1 Arc That’s Now Defining the Final Saga

One Piece fans are concerned about the major update that hints the inclusion of Skypiea in the live-action.

One Piece


  • Some One Piece fans' main regret since the beginning of the Egghead Island arc is that they chose not to see the Skypiea arc.
  • A recent update indicates that the live-action One Piece series has been filming two seasons back-to-back, meaning that season three will feature the Skypiea arc.
  • Fans who disregarded the storyline at first are now concerned about whether the show can live up to the mysteries hinted at in Skypiea.
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Since the start of the Egghead Island arc in One Piece, the only regret that some fans have had is the fact that they skipped the Skypiea arc. Initially deemed slow and boring, fans are now annoyed by the importance that the arc has gained since the beginning of the final saga. Many old references from the arc have yet to resurface during the Egghead narrative, and those who skipped them have no clue.

Skypiea Arc - One Piece
Skypiea Arc – One Piece | Toei Animation

Some even decided to watch it again just to keep in touch with the mysteries that were being unfolded. From Mother Flame to Gear 5, Eiichiro Oda foreshadowed quite a few important elements in Skypiea, and now fans have understood the significance of the arc, which is why they have demanded the arc hold a specific position in the upcoming seasons of One Piece live-action.

According to a recent update, the One Piece live-action series has been filming two consecutive seasons back to back, which means that the Skypiea arc is going to be a part of season 3. Therefore, fans who initially ignored the arc are now worried about whether the series will be able to do justice to the mysteries foreshadowed in Skypiea.


One Piece Live-Action’s Biggest Update

According to a One Piece fan account on X(Formerly Twitter), @OPLANEWS revealed that Brashaad Mayweather, the actor who plays the role of Patty in One Piece live-action, has given a major update about the filming of the upcoming seasons of the series. The actor has claimed that One Piece is filming season 2 and season 3 back-to-back.

Mayweather stated:

“We’ll see if they flashback to it because they’re filming two seasons – season two and three – back to back starting soon. So we’ll see what happens.”

Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece Live-Action
One Piece Live-Action | Netflix

While Netflix has only announced the second season as of yet, the revelation by the actor has hinted that along with the Alabasta saga, the creators will begin the shooting of the Sky Island saga as well. The Sky Island saga might be the most difficult phase to be included in One Piece live-action as it portrays an island that is based in the sky.


One Piece Fans Are Worried About Skypiea

As soon as the news about One Piece filming two seasons back-to-back hit the internet, fans gathered together to express their joint concern about the portrayal of the Skypiea arc in the series. As mentioned before, Skypiea may feel bored initially, but the arc holds special importance during the final saga.

A scene from Netflix's One Piece live-action series
Netflix’s One Piece live-action series | Netflix

The Skypiea arc was the first to hint at Sun God Nika, Luffy’s Gear 5, Mother Flame, and a lot of other important elements from the story.

This is why fans are hoping that the live-action adaptation will also include these hints and do justice to the narrative.




One Piece live-action filming two seasons in a row is evidently a piece of good news for fans as they might not have to wait for long for the third season and if the reception for both seasons is good, Netflix would have no problem in renewing the series further.

You can watch One Piece live-action on Netflix.


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