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“They can never be happy”: Black Adam Reportedly Bringing Back Henry Cavill as Superman Leaves Fans Unhappy, Zack Snyder Fans Complain This is Joss Whedon’s Version

Black Adam Reportedly Bringing Back Henry Cavill as Superman

The anticipation surrounding the release of DC’s upcoming movie Black Adam has been surrounded by tons of promotional work from Warner Bros as well as from the movie’s lead actor Dwayne Johnson. Despite the hype and importance of such a character getting a spotlight, some fans are still unhappy about a very speculative detail of the movie.

Superman has been rumored to be appearing in the Dwayna Johnson-led antihero movie, with reports suggesting Henry Cavill’s return as Clark Kent dating back months ago. But a supposed visual of what Cavill’s going to look like in Black Adam has fans upset over how similar he looks to Joss Whedon’s version of Superman.

Black Adam FandomWire
A poster for the movie

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Black Adam Still Unable To Satiate Zack Snyder Fans

The rise of the Zack Snyder fanbase can be dated back to when he made one of DC’s much more underrated cult-classic movies called Watchmen, eventually picking up a larger amount of fans after directing Man of Steel in 2013.

Black Adam FandomWire
A still from the movie

The love for Snyder also comes from a place of hate towards anything that Joss Whedon has to do with DC. As a lot of you know, Snyder took a leave in 2017 following his daughter’s death- Joss Whedon ultimately took over and changed a large portion of the movie, altering many aspects of it that fans did not like at all.

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This gave birth to disgust for Whedon’s part in making Justice League look “not up to the standards” for a majority of DC fans (a lot devoted to worshipping Snyder). But that hate has taken new forms, and it’s become a bit problematic now.

Fans on Twitter were recently greeted by industry scooper MyTimeToShineHello with a possible new look for the reported cameo of Henry Cavill as Superman in the upcoming Black Adam movie. The suit’s much brighter, and its resemblance to Whedon’s Superman has put off a majority of fans-

It’s only a suit-

This user decided to speak out against the criticism from Snyder fans-

Black Adam literally has a different director-

It’s a bit brighter that’s for sure-

I’m pretty sure we can look past that-

Zack Snyder’s fans’ reaction to the possible new look, which hasn’t even been confirmed yet, is just a testament to how they will never be happy despite The Rock bringing in a ton of superheroes to Black Adam.

It’s kind of like a rabbit hole, where Snyder fans boost each other’s unrealistic expectations.

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Black Adam’s Death Toll Will Be Massive

Black Adam‘s release is getting closer and closer as the days go by, and we couldn’t be much more excited to see Dwayne Johnson star in the role of Teth-Adam. The trailers have done their part in riling up DC fans for a worthwhile watch with Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate role looking to deliver a promising performance.

Black Adam FandomWire
A still from the movie

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Now Noah Centino, who plays Atom Smasher in the movie has shared an important detail that just tells us how big this movie is going to be. Centino sat down with Esquire Middle East to reveal a devastating record that the movie plans on setting-

“This film has teeth, though it is a fantastic, marvelous, extraordinary superhero film. I’ve been told it has the highest body count of any superhero film so far. That may be not be a great thing, but that’s the idea. We question morality with this film, but we never side with either opinion. We leave it open-ended.”

The massive death toll seems like a reach because we already saw some pretty huge-scale destruction in General Zod and Superman’s fight in Metropolis that left a huge chunk of the city in ruins.

But Dwayne Johnson’s character is no ordinary antihero to be trifled with as the trailer shows the Justice Society of America struggling to battle Adam.

Black Adam will release in theaters on October 21, 2022.

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