“They deserve a fair wage”: Avatar’s VFX Artists Get Much Needed Support Over Planning to Unionize After Helping James Cameron Build a $5.2 Billion Worth Franchise

Avatar VFX artists seek fair wages with crucial support after shaping James Cameron's $5.2 billion franchise.

"They deserve a fair wage": Avatar's VFX Artists Get Much Needed Support Over Planning to Unionize After Helping James Cameron Build a $5.2 Billion Worth Franchise


  • Avatar VFX artists pioneer U.S. unionization, filing with the NLRB, seeking industry improvements, and emphasizing sustainability and quality in their work.
  • Public support highlights the importance of fair conditions for VFX artists, recognizing their creative contributions to the industry.
  • Visual effects (VFX) artists are crucial in James Cameron's $5.2 billion franchise, blending creativity and technology for immersive cinematic experiences.
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Emerging from the shadows of James Cameron’s cinematic success, the visual effects (VFX) artisans of the Avatar franchise are poised for a pivotal shift: unionization. Crucial architects of a cinematic work amassing a formidable $5.2 billion, these artists now seek the backing they merit.

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James Cameron’s Avatar was an iconic sci-fi spectacle

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Their journey is no longer confined to the background but involves stepping into the limelight. It steers towards a collective voice that can reshape their working landscape. 

VFX Artists Of Avatar Receive Vital Backing In Their Unionization Plans

In a revolutionary development, the often overlooked maestros of James Cameron’s Avatar franchise. The visual effects (VFX) artists are gathering crucial support for their unionization efforts.

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A scene from James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way Of Water

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Playing a pivotal role in the creation of a cinematic phenomenon, these artists are now seeking unity. VFX workers employed by a Walt Disney Studios subsidiary have filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to unionize with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE).


This bold move involves 83 artists working on Lightstorm Entertainment productions, including the Avatar film series. Notably, the Avatar VFX artists mark a historic moment by becoming the first vendor-side VFX artists in the U.S. to formally file for a unionization election.

As per Btlnews, Environment Artist Summer Benton, the aim is to set a new industry standard for sustainability, stating, 


“Coming together as the Avatar family, we aim to achieve improvements that will help us be able to maintain our highest quality of work in a more sustainable work and keep bringing awe, and inspiration to our leadership and VFX productions everywhere.” 

Public support on social media emphasizes the deserving nature of their cause. Recognizing the importance of fair working conditions in an industry, one web user even commented,

“They should they deserve a fair wage for their extraordinary hard work.”

However, others also show their support.


Despite their significant contributions. It’s crucial to note that these VFX workers were instrumental in helping Cameron build a $5.2 billion franchise.

VFX Artists Contributed To James Cameron’s $5.2 Billion Franchise Success

James Cameron
James Cameron

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The triumph of James Cameron’s extraordinary $5.2 billion franchise is intricately woven with the often-overlooked brilliance of visual effects (VFX) artists. Their creative mastery stands as a linchpin, breathing life into the visionary world within the 69-year-old’s cinematic universe.

With adept manipulation of digital landscapes and cutting-edge technologies. These artists played a vital role in crafting immersive and awe-inspiring experiences that define the franchise.


According to Numbers, each installment, notably Avatar, grossing $2.92 billion, and its successor, Avatar: The Way of Water, amassing $2.31 billion worldwide, marked colossal successes.

The meticulous attention to detail, innovative spirit, and unwavering dedication to pushing visual storytelling boundaries. It has not only elevated the cinematic achievements of the Avatar franchise but also cemented the artists’ status as indispensable contributors to one of the highest-grossing film series in history.


Their artistic alchemy, blending complexity with simplicity, has left an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape. It turns each frame into a testament to their multifaceted talents.

In the symphony of visual storytelling. These VFX maestros play an unsung yet pivotal role, transforming mere scenes into unforgettable spectacles.


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