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“They destroyed 3 seasons with one episode”: She-Hulk Finally Gets Daredevil On Board, Leaves Internet Divided as Loyal Fans Defend New Matt Murdock Being Closer to the Comics

she hulk and daredevil

Daredevil’s entry in the eighth episode of She-Hulk continues MCU’s streak of making an impressive impression among the fans with its penultimate episode. The most awaited cameo has finally been executed, and the world of pop culture is undoubtedly high on fan theories and discussions regarding it. But the Internet gets divided as many fans embraced this new Daredevil with open hearts while some fans outright rejected it still considering the Netflix version to be far superior.

Daredevil FandomWire
Daredevil in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

She-Hulk has been embroiled in heat and controversies since the first day it was released. Charlie Cox’s return as Daredevil was one of the prime reasons why the fans continued to watch the show despite the overloading criticisms.

She-Hulk Episode 8 Spoilers Ahead!

Daredevil returns with a makeover

After being spotted last time in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Charlie Cox was spotted again as Matt Murdock in the latest episode of She-Hulk. As already reported, the MCU’s version of the blind vigilante is a lot different from the Netflix one equipped with one-liners and donning a new yellow and red suit.

Fans fear MCU will ruin Daredevil
Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock

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In the latest episode of the series, Matt Murdock appears at first representing Luke Jacobson, against whom there were allegations of making malfunctioned suits. Since the first appearance only, the fans were quick to notice the significant changes in the character. Later the changes come out more when he and She-Hulk fight together with Leapfrog and his men. Proceeding toward the end, the episode even showed a romantic angle between Matt Murdock and Jennifer Walters.

She-Hulk Revealed Daredevil’s New Yellow Costume
She-Hulk Revealed Daredevil’s New Yellow Costume

The return of Daredevil rejoiced many fans who enjoyed the new attributes of one-liners and light-heartedness in his character. Even many of them claimed that this appearance of Daredevil was very comic-accurate. But here a significant amount of the audience also expressed their distaste toward the show.

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Is the comic accuracy important?

Although various fans are finding it pleasing to watch a comic-accurate Daredevil, there has been also allegations from some audiences that this is a weak point to defend the show. They agree with the hardcore fans that the character was also light-hearted in comics and not always serious and a gritty soul as shown in the Netflix version. But they didn’t fail to point out that in various instances these fans also ignored when some iconic MCU characters were made comic inaccurate.

Daredevil in yellow suit, Marvel Comics
Daredevil in the yellow suit, Marvel Comics

The dark tone of the show in the Netflix version was one of the pivotal reasons why Daredevil became such an iconic pop culture character. According to the fans who don’t support the sudden change in the character, it doesn’t make any sense to nerf a character who’s already a well-established dark-themed superhero etched in everyone’s mind.

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Mixed Reactions received from the fans

We have collected some reactions from the fans that express how mixed of a reception the Tatiana Maslany show has created.

While the Internet is clearly divided on the appearance of Matt Murdock, it should be remembered that this was She-Hulk’s show and thus the tone might have been set according to that. If the reports are to be believed the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again series will have a perfect blend of serious as well as MCU-styled moments. And it will be really looked upon if intelligent writing can also make Disney+’s Daredevil series as memorable as the Netflix one.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is streaming on Disney+ while the Daredevil: Born Again series will be released sometime in 2024

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