“They didn’t learn from Helldivers 2”: Ghost of Tsushima Might Just be Making the Same Mistake That Landed Helldivers 2 in Serious Trouble

"Hey, I've seen this one before. This is a classic."

"They didn't learn from Helldivers 2": Ghost of Tsushima Might Just be Making the Same Mistake That Landed Helldivers 2 in Serious Trouble


  • The last week has been chaotic for the gaming industry as players of Helldivers 2 fought against Sony and the company's decision to force a PSN.
  • Players can't seem to catch a break as Sony has now made it necessary to have a PSN account to access this feature of Ghost of Tsushima.
  • This has received mixed reactions from the fans all over the internet.
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The gaming community just resurfaced from the Helldivers 2 chaos over the past week, only for Sony to potentially land itself in trouble again. After officially taking back its PSN linking mandate from the game made by Arrowhead Studios, it seems that the company is now pushing for the same requirement on another title. However, it might not be that bad this time around.

A still from Helldivers 2
Publishers of Helldivers 2 have now decided to go after another game for the same PSN mandate

Made by Sucker Punch Productions, Ghost of Tsushima is another one of first-party PlayStation games, and is now under the spotlight once again as Sony is set to bring an unexpected change to the game before it finally gets released to players on PC soon.

Ghost of Tsushima To Soon Release On PC, With A Twist

The PlayStation exclusive will be made available on Steam in just a few days as the title’s port is all set to come out on 16th May. However, there is a requirement that players will need to go through if they wish to access the multiplayer feature, which is to create a PSN account and link it respectively.


“Surprising” is just one of the few words that come to mind when one hears about this requirement as Sony just got blown out of the water by the Helldivers 2 community. The controversy revolved around the studio trying to impose an account linking mandate for those who enjoyed the game on PC, and the players fighting back, using brutal ways such as tanking the reviews of the title on Steam.

Promotional for Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima would require a PSN account to access Multiplayer

However, the striking difference this time around is how a PSN account has been deemed necessary to only experience the multiplayer mode of the game. This essentially means that players can still enjoy the single-player mode of Ghost of Tsushima without any hesitation. Additionally, what makes the mandate different this time around is how the requirement has been revealed before the release of the game, unlike what happened with Helldivers 2, where it was months after the release that the change was announced.


Fans Claim Sony Has Learned Nothing After Their Recent Brawl With Helldivers 2 Players

Sony's PlayStation Network
Fans are having mixed feelings about the PSN requirement for the upcoming game.

While the wounds caused in the struggle of Helldivers against Sony remain fresh, the company moving forward to bring the requirement to another title has gotten some mixed reactions from fans, with some even claiming that the company does not seem to learn from their mistakes, especially the ones they have made recently.




Nonetheless, a PlayStation exclusive getting a release on another platform is better than nothing. Few PS first-party games, such as God of War and The Last of Us have already made their way onto the platform in the past, and the growing trend might just indicate how Sony is warming up to get over with the Console Wars once and for all.


Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is available to pre-order on Steam.

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