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“They don’t know what they want”: Daredevil Star Vincent D’Onofrio Shares Advice for New Actors After Hollywood’s Obsession With Everyone to Be Like Ben Affleck

“They don’t know what they want”: Daredevil Star Vincent D’Onofrio Shares Advice for New Actors After Hollywood’s Obsession With Everyone to Be Like Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has been the go-to guy for Hollywood when it comes to auditions. Veteran actor Vincent D’Onofrio shared some advice for actors stating that Hollywood doesn’t know what they want. With his prominent role in the Daredevil franchise, the people respect D’Onofrio in high regard and thus took him word-to-word on his stand against Hollywood.

Taking to Twitter, the actor shared some tips to help the newly made actors just starting in the entertainment industry. When a fan asked what to do if every Hollywood audition wanted a Ben Affleck type, the actor simply said that “they don’t know what they want”.

Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin
Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin

Vincent D’Onofrio Undermines Hollywood For Its Ways

The Men in Black actor poured his heart out when he advised actors just starting their careers in Hollywood. With a prominent role in multiple movies and series like Daredevil and The Magnificent Seven, the actor has been one of the most notable personalities in Hollywood.

Vincent D'Onofrio has a problem with Hollywood.
Vincent D’Onofrio has a problem with Hollywood.

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Vincent D’Onofrio recently took to his Twitter and shared the tips that would help any new actor finding their way in Hollywood. Talking about actors that have set a standard for themselves, D’Onofrio shared that people shouldn’t try to emulate these veteran actors and instead should find their way.

“Actors just starting. Don’t emulate other actors whom you hold in high regard. Instead bow to them. Celebrate their struggle to do good. Recognize their ability to put themselves in the circumstance of a character to help service a story. Learn from that. Be that kind of actor.”

A fan replied to the above tweet stating “Hard not to emulate your faves when every audition wants a ‘Ben Affleck’ type.” To this, the Daredevil actor had the perfect motivational reply that any beginner actor would want to hear.

The replies were filled with wholesome tweets wherein people shared their stories of trying to balance acting, work, and their personal life at the same time. Many people also praised Vincent D’Onofrio for looking out for the hidden actors in the crowd that could one day make it big due to his advice.

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Vincent D’Onofrio Supports Ezra Miller’s The Flash

The Flash
The Flash.

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With the release date of DCU’s upcoming The Flash getting closer, people again turned their attention to Ezra Miller. With previous incidents for which the actor faced backlash from the fans, many actors seemed to support Miller’s movie.

Vincent D’Onofrio joins the long list of actors that supported the actor’s upcoming venture with Barry Allen. Actors like Jason Momoa had also supported Miller’s upcoming movie for which they received much backlash. D’Onofrio had the same reaction from the audience as one might expect. Taking to his Twitter account, the actor shared the poster for the upcoming movie along with the words “I’ve got to say.. this looks awesome” as the fans started a heated debate in the tweets.

Ezra Miller had been charged with multiple felonies including stealing alcohol from a house in Vermont, a bar-brawling, and allegedly running a cult from Iceland. Following extreme pressure from the public, they made an apology to the people and hoped that they would be better.

The Flash is slated for a release date of 16th June 2023 while Vincent D’Onofrio will be seen reprising his role of Kingpin when Daredevil: Born Again releases in 2024.

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