“They don’t want to jeopardise any potential income”: Joe Rogan Claims Disney and WB’s Greed is Forcing Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman to Lie About Their Steroid Usage

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Joe Rogan has often come forward to discuss events that have been going on lately, and much like so, he addressed celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, who have been commended for their fitness and how they managed to build their body structures according to the need of the movies. They have shared their workout routines as well as diets in order to influence their fans to live healthier lifestyles.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

However, there is much that goes behind the screens and the outreach of social media that actors and other celebrities do not expose. This includes steroid intake that multiple celebrities do so as to be able to be part of certain projects.

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Joe Rogan Talked About Celebrities And Their Necessity Of Steroids

Joe Rogan addressed as to how drug intake has become an unspoken fact among many actors and celebrities. He pointed out how the Hollywood industry and the franchises that have developed along the way involve massive amounts of money, making it impossible for actors to want to leave their series. The money and the fame that comes with it too tie them to these steroids which become an unspoken necessity.

Joe Rogan

“People are going to get upset, ‘oh you cheated.'” He remarked. “There’s a mentality that people are less and less educated about the realities of fitness and physiques.” 

The conditions required to get certain roles could easily jeopardize massive careers, in order to not put these roles into harm’s way, actors choose to opt for steroids so as to fit into their roles quicker, much like Hulk and Thor. He pointed out how celebrities choose to keep this a secret because fans would then interpret this according to their own way, stating that these actors cheated to reach their goals, unlike others who use longer methods instead. The lack of education in terms of fitness makes people question certain choices and Joe Rogan highlighted the same.

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Joe Rogan Pointed Out The Impact Of Mainstream Media

In his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, the commentator talked about how the lack of mainstream media and interviewers being able to push celebrities and their fitness routines lets them off the hook smoothly enough. He further elaborated on how to avoid fans siding against them, but actors refuse to explain how they gained as much muscle as they did for their roles.

Joe Rogan

“Mainstream television is so woefully p*ss-poor at interviewing these people and pressing them that they let them off the hook every time.”

This allows celebrities to take drugs for their roles and manage to maintain their jobs in massive franchises without putting the audience’s remarks at risk. Especially for roles like the Hulk, Wolverine, and Thor, it can be quite helpful for them to gain muscle at a faster rate with the help of steroids.

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