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“They greenlit it to see her in tiny outfits”: Sony’s Barbarella Remake With Sydney Sweeney Accused of Sexualizing ‘Euphoria’ Actress to Cater to Male Audience

Sydney Sweeney to play the lead actress in Barbarella.

After doing two seasons of the hit teen drama television series, Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney quickly ended up becoming a major fan-favorite. And recently, the popular American actress is reportedly going to be starring in a new science fiction movie for Sony Pictures.

Sydney Sweeney FandomWire
Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria

The Voyeurs star confirmed it as well when she recently posted a picture on Instagram with regard to the same. With mostly starring in the dramatic genre of films and shows, this seems like a fresh and exciting opportunity for Sydney Sweeney.

Sydney Sweeney to work in a sci-fi movie for Sony Pictures

Recently, Sydney Sweeney took to her Instagram to share a post about her latest project, that of a sci-film named Barbarella, with Sony Pictures.

The Everything Sucks actress posted a photo of the original 1968 space opera with a caption that read “time to save the world,” and teased fans with the idea of her involvement in the upcoming film. However, no director, producer, or screenwriter has been announced for the film as of right now.

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Barbarella (1968)

The original Barbarella (1968) was an adaptation of Jean-Claude Forest’s comic book series and starred Jane Fonda as a 41st-century astronaut that traveled through space. Although Roger Vadim’s film hadn’t particularly been a massive success, it still managed to captivate many people from its audience.

And now, with reports of a new film project with regard to Barbarella in the works, fans are excited to see what this unique venture leads to.

People claim Sony Pictures’ Barbarella is sexualizing Sydney Sweeney

After Sydney Sweeney was said to be starring in Barbarella’s remake, fans seemed to be having certain issues with the way the news is being spread.

People are claiming that the entire project has been “greenlit” on the basis of Sweeney wearing skimpy outfits in Sony’s remake of the film and that the idea of her character is mainly to serve the male audience.

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Sydney Sweeney is also known for portraying Emaline in Everthing Sucks.
Sydney Sweeney is known for portraying Emaline in Everything Sucks

From the looks of it, fans are convinced that the actress in “tiny sci-fi outfits” is nothing but an unsavory marketing tactic, one that is surely going to sell the prospect of the film in a monumental way, as it apparently sexualizes the Madame Web actress.

It looks like fans are also disappointed with the fact that instead of focusing on her talented acting and commendable skills, it is Sweeney’s body that is becoming the center of attention in a completely wrong way.

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Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard in Euphoria (2019-).
Sydney Sweeney as Cassie Howard in Euphoria (2019)

Sweeney claimed that even in HBO’s Euphoria, her character, Cassie Howard, was overtly sexualized so much, that after a point, people started to see the actress herself in such a light and not just the character she played in the show.

With the film still in its early stages of development, no other details with regard to Barbarella have been revealed yet.

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