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‘They have an Iron Man. Where’s our guy in a metal suit?’: Zack Snyder Revealed DCEU Should Stop Competing With Marvel Because DC Films ‘Have a tone’ MCU Will Never Have

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The rivalry between Marvel and DC has been an ongoing battle amongst many fans as well as the franchises themselves and Zack Snyder seems to have some thoughts about it. Although some have chosen to embrace the works of both franchises, some still prefer to pick one over the other. Marvel’s success rate when it comes to movies and television shows may have been dodgy as of late, but no doubt it has had a track record of one blockbuster hit after another. DC too has made multiple hits, but they all seem to fall short when compared to the other.

Zack Snyder on the set with Henry Cavill
Zack Snyder on the set of Batman v Superman with Henry Cavill

Former DCEU director Zack Snyder once stated in an interview as to what his views of this constant competition are. The director’s vision itself for the franchise had been unique, to begin with, but it could never truly manifest as he was forced to move away from the franchise, letting go of his plans of a five-movie arc with it.

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Zack Snyder’s Thoughts On The Competition Between Marvel And DC

On one hand, Zack Snyder understands the need for competition between DC and Marvel from a business point of view, but when it comes to his personal opinions, the director thinks very differently. He stated that the want to match the other’s levels is necessary to an extent, but with the reminder of not truly changing the tone of the franchise in the first place.

Zack Snyder DCEU
Justice League director Zack Snyder

“Warner Bros. needs to stay with what we do.”

Snyder focuses on how the DC movies have a completely different tone as compared to the marvel movies. Their shows, especially their animated shows have massive recognition instead of competing. They should instead focus on how they built their Dark Knight Trilogy and a fresh start for Superman with Man Of Steel, along with their introduction to multiple new superheroes. Indeed on one hand it makes sense to him why the DCEU would want a multi-superhero movie like Justice League in comparison to Marvel’s Avengers; considering further when WBD delayed Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice by a year to clash with Captain America: Civil War.

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DC’s Need For Competition And Zack Snyder’s Vision Being One Of The Biggest Obstacles Warner Bros. Discovery Ever Faced

Zack Snyder’s vision for the DCEU had been in play ever since Henry Cavill’s Superman made his debut, although never got the opportunity to direct a sequel to Man Of Steel, the potential sequel is, to this day, one of the most anticipated DC movies. The massive petition that started as #releasethesnydercut soon evolved to #restorethesnyderverse as his vision had been the closest WBD had been to a plan in a while.

Zack Snyder gets trolled on Twitter
Zack Snyder

Having faced multiple problems in their movies, them not truly being able to shine as compared to the hype Marvel movies receive, pining one character similar to the other as well as wanting to match the scaling of the movies was not what Zack Snyder thought would make the DCEU movies a bigger hit. His plan had been ready to initiate, setting up an end entirely era for the franchise.

This, however, could never truly move forward with WBD wanting to keep the director away from the franchise, only releasing Zack Snyder’s Justice League due to the high public demand in the first place. Even though the interview in question was from ago, his opinions still stay relevant with WBD and DC finally moving towards a proper plan of action.

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