“They just sometimes want you to be so brutal”: Joe Rogan Is Disgusted With Reporter Being Forced to Ask Jennifer Aniston About Brad Pitt Right After Her Divorce

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Joe Rogan on his podcast with comedian Michael Yo revealed some dark truths about being an entertainment reporter. A couple of years ago Michael Yo was invited to The Joe Rogan Experience, where he shared how he was forced to ask embarrassing questions to famous media personalities.


Michael Yo shared that he was once asked to take a comment from Jennifer Aniston on her recent divorce from Brad Pitt. Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt were the “It” couple in the 1990s and their romance was definitely the one that everyone spoke off.

Joe Rogan and Michael Yo

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Joe Rogan Is Disgusted With Entertainment News Business

Michael Yo shares with Rogan that the news companies would ask the reporters to interview the celebrities with wild questions and if you declined to do so, they would threaten your job. One particular scenario was with Anne Hathaway when Yo asked her about her thoughts on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appearing on the cover page of Vogue magazine. Though she gave a normal reply stating she couldn’t care who came on the cover page, she was later revealed to be very disturbed by the question.

While on the podcast, Michael Yo also shared that at his first assignment, he had to ask Jeniffer Aniston about her divorce from Brad Pitt. But Yo was smart enough to redirect the question to Aniston by asking her, “What’s the similarities between a dog and a man”, as she recently starred in Marley & Me. The movie was about a pair who are dog owners. He aimed the sentence in such a way that they got a great clip from her sentence and also met Yo’s question.

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway

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Joe Rogan shared that the companies just use them to ask the celebrities vile questions as they need “clips” from them. Joe Rogan shared, “They just sometimes want you to be so brutal”. He also said that they are being used as robots and the big shots don’t care about the backlash because they wouldn’t have to deal with it nor are their images being destroyed if they were to be called out.

It Couples of 1990s: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt and Jeniffer Aniston were introduced to each other by their managers in 1994. They went on their first date 4 years later in 1998 and immediately hit it off. In 1999, the couple made their first red carpet-debut and announced their engagement later that year. In July of 2000, they exchanged their vows in their $1 million wedding ceremony.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at the SAG Awards

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In 2002, they made their way to the Golden Globe Award show stealing the spotlight with their iconic coordinated black suits. They were married till 2005, and in March they decided to separate, and Aniston filed for divorce from Brad Pitt which finally went through in October of the same year. They once again met when Pitt attended Aniston’s 50th birthday in 2019. They finally met in public at the Screen Actors Guild Award show which was held in early 2020.

Source: The Joe Rogan’s Experience

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