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“They just want to please internet weirdos”: Henry Cavill Fans Slam Netflix For Recasting Geralt in The Witcher, Claim Streaming Giant Wanted Superman Actor to Only Become Eye Candy

The Witcher

Netflix delivered us with a piece of good news and bad news. The good news is that The Witcher will return for a fourth season. However, the bad news is that Henry Cavill will not be returning for season 4. Instead, Liam Hemsworth will play Geralt of Rivia, the new monster slayer.

Henry Cavill as the Witcher in Netflix series
Henry Cavill as the Witcher in Netflix series

The streamer confirmed the renewal and casting news on Saturday afternoon, and both Liam Hemsworth and Henry Cavill issued statements. Based on the tone of both statements, the choice appears to be a cordial passing of the torch.

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Netflix officially replaces Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia

Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the popular Witcher books premiered in 2019 and soon went viral, with many applauding Cavill’s stern but endearing portrayal of the white-haired witcher himself, Geralt. Since that initial season, The Witcher has grown into a Netflix franchise, with additional seasons, anime prequels, movies, and even a kid-friendly spin-off. However, the original series’ actor will not be returning as the fantasy franchise expands.

In a tweet posted earlier yesterday, Netflix announced that Cavill will retire from the role once season three of The Witcher 3 premieres. Starting with season four, Liam Hemsworth will join the “Witcher family,” donning the white wig and wielding the wicked swords as Geralt. Cavil writes,

“My journey as Geralt of Rivia has been filled with both monsters and adventures, and alas, I will be laying down my medallion and my swords for Season 4. In my stead, the fantastic Mr. Liam Hemsworth will be taking up the mantle of the White Wolf.”

Liam Hemsworth
Liam Hemsworth

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He then wishes Hemsworth well in his role as a character he says he adores. Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth is relishing his new role, telling the Man of Steel actor, “Henry, I’ve been a fan of yours for years and was inspired by what you brought to this iconic character.”

Although the news is depressing, the actor’s admirers appear to be convinced that his departure from the series is akin to him being invested on his comeback to the DCEU as Superman instead.

The Witcher fans slam Netflix for recasting Henry Cavill

The Mission Impossible: Fallout actor was considered the perfect actor to play Geralt. Being a fan of the games and books, Cavill gave his own input and method into the role, which earned millions of fans instantly.

While fans are delighted with the return of Henry Cavill’s Superman, the response that The Witcher has received since the announcement has led some to question whether a change in casting was the right decision. People have started backlashing Hemsworth for taking on the mantle of the Witcher. Fans allege that the streaming giant only wanted the Superman actor to be eye candy.

The Witcher
Netflix’s The Witcher

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Instead of recasting, many prefer that the series be delayed for the season to accommodate Cavill’s schedule. Especially because they expect Season 4 to be mostly an adaptation of Baptism of Fire, which could be altered to center on Ciri and The Rats while reducing Geralt’s plot to smaller portions culminating in the Battle of the Yaruga Bridge.

The Witcher‘s third season will premiere on Netflix in the summer of 2023.

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