‘They prostrated themselves at the feet of Kubrick’: Tom Cruise, Notorious for Hijacking Scripts, Accepted Director’s Demand to Stay Apart from Nicole Kidman

'They prostrated themselves at the feet of Kubrick': Tom Cruise, Notorious for Hijacking Scripts, Accepted Director’s Demand to Stay Apart from Nicole Kidman

Through his films, Stanley Kubrick epitomizes perfection. His filmmaking abilities set him apart from all other Hollywood directors. Kubrick was obsessed with the concept of perfection, and he would strive for it in every film he ever did. Unfortunately, Kubrick passed away in 1999. 

Stanley Kubrick filming
Stanley Kubrick filming a movie

The Shinning movie director died of a heart attack in his sleep. In the same year, Kubrick directed the film Eyes Wide Shut alongside Hollywood legend Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. As it was Kubrick’s last film Cruise and Kidman had a lot to share about the legendary filmmaker.

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Stanley Kubrick had extreme control over his films and the cast as well 

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut
Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut

Stanley Kubrick had his own set of beliefs and methods for making films, as well as his own set of regulations that he enforced on everyone on the set. There were also a few rules for the actors in his film. When Kubrick cast Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in the film Eyes Wide Shut, the former couple was married at the time. The Full Metal Jacket director reportedly instructed Cruise and Kidman to stay from each other when they were filming the movie. 

Todd Field who was present on the set of Eyes Wide Shut said, Cruise and Kidman were “completely subservient,” and “prostrated themselves at the feet of Kubrick.” As Cruise has a reputation for being controlling at times about his film and the way his film function, reportedly the actor had no choice but to stay apart from Kidman. The late director also made Cruise shoot a single scene 95 times. As the 60-year-old actor was aware of Kubrick’s way of filmmaking he didn’t complain even when he made him shoot a single scene numerous times. 

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Tom Cruise suffered some health Issues during the filming of Eyes Wide Shut 

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Even though Kubrick gave all the actors a lot of hard love because of the perfection he desired to attain in his film, Cruise always defended him. The Jack Reacher actor said in his statement about Kubrick,

“In times when we couldn’t get it, it was just like, ‘F***!’ I’d bring it upon myself because I demand a lot of myself.”

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Reportedly, Cruise was so concerned about the movie and about what Kubrick would say that he didn’t speak about his health issue. Cruise had an ulcer as per reports during the filming of the movie and he didn’t share the news with the director. According to Vinessa Shaw, Cruise and Kidman’s co-star in the film, Cruise lost a lot of energy on the set due to Kubrick’s method of filming. 

While talking about Kubrick and his filmmaking, the 55-year-old actress said, “Ability to not give you answers, yet stoke a fire so deeply unusual.” Unfortunately, Kubrick died before the release of Eyes Wide Shut.

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