“They ran a gas line down my back”: Steve Carell Revealed Extremely Dark Scene From Jim Carrey’s $484M Movie Was Deleted That Seemed Straight Out of Exorcist

Steve Carell Revealed Extremely Dark Scene From Jim Carrey's $484M Movie Was Deleted That Seemed Straight Out of Exorcist
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Great movies don’t just appear out of nowhere. It takes a lot of fine work, dedication, and maybe a bit of snip-snap and editing to create the ultimate masterpiece. Let’s recall the 2003 epic, Bruce Almighty featuring Jim Carrey and Steve Carell, which went through severe editing before being released to the silver screen. 

Steve Carell
Steve Carell

Apparently, the 2003 comedy fantasy movie showcased something horrific that felt straight out of Exorcist. Thus, the sheer grossness involved in the classic movie led the creators to eventually cut it out to save audiences from the extremely dark scene. Years later appearing on The Graham Norton Show, Steve Carell explained what actually happened. 

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Steve Carell Recalled A Dark Scene From Bruce Almighty 

While the 2003 comedy movie featuring Jim Carrey and Steve Carell turned out to be a massive hit and attracted a huge audience base, the movie apparently featured a dark scene that was removed before its release. Appearing on The Graham Norton Show during the pandemic, for a video interview, Carell recalled the vile scene. 

Bruce Almighty
Bruce Almighty (2003)

Speaking with Graham Norton after the host played a scene from Bruce Almighty, Steve Carell explained how the original scene was supposed to be. “That was basically the first time I was ever in a movie. The part they cut is when Jim Carrey makes my nose start to bleed profusely.” Carell began explaining. 

They thought, ‘too mean of him to do as a character’ and then my head bursts into flames. It wasn’t even a digital effect. It was a real, live practical effect.” 

Steve Carell
Carell discussed an evil deleted scene from Bruce Almighty

Explaining the scene bit by bit, The Office actor explained the process of how his head was lit on fire. “They ran a gas line down my back and they put a coil on top of my head.” Carell shared. He then added, “they put gel on my head so it wouldn’t burn and they ignited this enormous four-foot flame.” 


Although the scene has been deleted for it simply looked straight out of a horror flick, Carell mentioned, “I’m sure it’s in some DVD extra somewhere.” 

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Jim Carrey’s $484M Movie Deleted The Dark Scene 

By God’s grace, the filmmaker and the producers realized the extremity of the scene and planned to edit it. But can you believe the kind of mayhem it would have created? Well, adding insult to injury, it wasn’t even digital effects that were used on Steve Carell. Poor Carell, what he had to go through only for the film to eventually delete the scene. 

Steve Carell and Jim Carrey
Steve Carell and Jim Carrey

After the evil scene was deleted from the $484M movie, the ultimate release became hilarious for the audience. In the movie, Jim Carrey‘s Bruce Nolan played a mean trick on Steve Carell’s Evan Baxter, who was an absolute pro in the broadcasting world. According to the scene, Bruce decided to mess with his rival Evan and humiliate him on live TV.

Steve Carell
The hilarious teleprompter scene from Bruce Almighty

In this particular scene, Bruce Nolan initially starts by making Evan Baxter babble incoherently. And then, he starts controlling the teleprompter to ruin the report entirely that Baxter was supposed to read out. This entire setup was done, only to humiliate the pro. But now you know what the original scene would have become if not deleted. 

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Source: The Graham Norton Show

Jim Carrey Almost Set Steve Carell's Head Alight | The Graham Norton Show


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