“They require some intense s*x stuff”: Tom Cruise Wanted To Bring The Thrill Back in His Marriage With Katie Holmes By Starring in an Erotic Film Together

“They require some intense s*x stuff”: Tom Cruise Wanted To Bring The Thrill Back in His Marriage With Katie Holmes By Starring in an Erotic Film Together

Tom Cruise has been on the leading actors’ list for years now. By giving blockbusters like the Mission: Impossible series and Top Gun series, it has been proven that he can push his limits to come up with something new for his fans. However, his dedication to maintaining his best position doesn’t only apply to his acting career but his personal life as well.

Tom Cruise
American actor, Tom Cruise

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The actor once wanted to rekindle his romantic relationship with his then-wife, Katie Holmes. For that, he was even ready to star in an erotic film together.

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Tom Cruise Was Looking to Star in an Erotic Film With Former Wife, Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were once IT couples in Hollywood. Their relationship had made quite rounds in the 2000s, especially the infamous couch confession that is still prevalent among Cruise fans.

While the duo tied the knot in 2006, their spark started to falter as time went by. To rekindle their hot romance, The Guardian back in 2008 reported that the former was ready to make out with her on-screen.

As per a film studio boss, the Rain Man star and his then-wife were “looking for a sexy film to star in as a couple”. They were even ready to do “some intense s*x stuff” which was basically what they wanted at the time.

For their thought to become reality, the duo had already set their eyes to work on a 1972 project, Last Tango in Paris remake.

“They’re looking at remaking Last Tango in Paris but anything sexy with a good story appeals”.

It was reported that the duo was considering Basic Instinct as well but wanted something that could re-spark their gushing romance in their marriage.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Wanted to Prove Their Love Through Intimacy

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise and his ex-wife, Katie Holmes

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The report also mentioned that the duo who were super excited to be a part of each other’s life wanted to relive those thrilling moments. Proving that their love was still prominent between them, they needed to get intimate onscreen.

“The thrill is gone and they need it back. They need to have s*x on screen, to prove their love.”

They wanted the world to witness their love.

“They need to world to see it, to know that they love each other and that they are beautiful. They need a good story and some intense s*x stuff.”

The duo was head over heels for each other who welcomed their first child Suri in 2006. The same year, they became husband and wife but their marriage ended in 2012, with the actress filing for divorce. After their split, Holmes received full custody of their daughter with Cruise getting visitation rights.

Source: The Guardian

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