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“They thought of me as someone f—king depressing”: Charlize Theron Wanted Fans to Forget That Her Mother Killed Her Father When ‘Mad Max’ Star Was 15, Joined Arrested Development

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Charlize Theron has been a big name throughout the Hollywood industry and even got an Oscar for her talent. This was not the case when the actress first started her career. She was only looked at with pity as someone whose mother shot her father. While the actress’ big break was with her minute but a career-changing role in Arrested Development, there was always a question of why she decided to take up the role in the first place.

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

Theron not having confidence in her then-upcoming movie being a success, motivated her to take up the role the in series she so much adored. The role allowed her to move on from the image her past had created.

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Charlize Theron Found Arrested Development As A Way To Move On From Her Past

Charlize Theron was merely fifteen when she lost her father at the hands of her mother due to a drunken incident which left her mother protecting Theron at all costs. This however left the actress traumatized and she soon developed an image of being a rather depressed person who had an unfortunate past. While Theron was far from it, this past limited her reach in movies and all that her talent could achieve.

Charlize Theron

“And I just f–cking loved that show, and this is going to sound so “poor me,” but I do feel like sometimes, as women, we get one shot and I knew that [the 2005 action flick] Aeon Flux was going to be a f–ing flop. I knew it from the beginning, that’s why I did Arrested Development.”

Theron debuted in the show during its third season and appeared only for five episodes. She played Rita Leeds on Arrested Development who was the love interest of Michael Bluth. The two even got engaged, however, the character was not a part of the sitcom for long.

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Aeon Flux Was A Flop And Charlize Theron Knew It

As a child, the actress had been traumatized by the familial accident. And her upcoming movie Aeon Flux was a doubtful hit or miss for her, making her worry regarding its success.

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Charlize Theron

“It was one of the scariest things, to walk onto a set of a show that’s so developed and so brilliant. But I think I needed that, to put myself out there in a different way, because people thought of me as someone who was f–king depressing, like my mother shot my father.”

Live-action adaptions are always a doubtful attempt for the fans and the movie too was based on a science fiction animation of the same name. Most expectedly, the movie did not do well at all, being a box office flop.

Now, however, Charlize Theron not only holds an Oscar to her name, but she’s giving out one successful movie after another. Not only that, but she also discovered her producing skills. Her latest appearance was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Clea in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Roles like such have made her one of the top-paid actresses in Hollywood.

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