‘They thought Taylor’s just like an aunt’: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively’s Kids Thought Taylor Swift is Just a Clingy Relative, Not an 11-Time Grammy Winning $450M Rich Music Icon

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Taylor Swift is one of the biggest names in the music industry. There are not many in the world who have not heard at least one of her songs. Recently, she even made history by becoming the first artist to claim the entire top ten spots of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with her album, Midnights. Taylor Swift has become a household name! Well, almost.

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Actor Ryan Reynolds most popularly known for his work as Deadpool has a beautiful family. He is married to Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively and together they have three daughters and are expecting a fourth baby. The family is close friends with the record-breaking artist. However, while the world praises Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds’ daughters had no clue she was supposedly a big deal.

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Taylor Swift’s Popularity Unknown to Ryan Reynolds’ Kids

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Ryan Reynolds with Blake Lively and their children

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SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show recently had Ryan Reynolds on for an episode. During the conversation, Reynolds let the fans in on a hilarious family story. He and Blake Lively’s children apparently had no idea that their family friend, Taylor Swift, was a huge celebrity. To them, Swift was just their parents’ friends, their aunt. 

I think what’s more exciting for them is that for the longest time they just thought Taylor’s just like an aunt, a friend of Mommy and Daddy that’s very, very close, almost family.”

Their daughters, Betty, Inez, and James were not aware of the fact that their “aunt” was actually one of the top-selling artists in the world. They merely thought that she sang as a hobby. That is, until they went to her concert one day and were taken aback. Reynolds shared their reaction stating, “Ohhh…this isn’t a hobby.”


Well, the young girls are quite excited after finding out the truth behind the Bad Blood singer. Apparently, they had a whole “Midnights dance party” all set up after Swift released her latest album. 

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Taylor Swift’s Midnights Success

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Taylor Swift Midnights Anti-Hero music video

The Midnights album was an instant hit the moment it was released on October 21. The top ten spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart were all filled up by songs from the album. This resulted in Swift making history as no one has been able to pull that off yet.


According to Spotify, the most played songs of the album are Anti-Hero, Lavender Haze, Snow on the Beach, and Maroon. The Midnights album also became the most streamed album on Spotify. Even today, Anti-Hero, Lavender Haze, and Midnight Rains can be seen on the top 10 list of Billboard Hot 100, with Anti-Hero maintaining its number one spot. 

Ryan Reynolds’ children aren’t the only ones obsessed with the iconic, after all. 

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