“They threw me in the shower”: Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Reveals 1 Malcolm in the Middle Scene Almost Killed Him That Shut Down His Body

Recently, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston revealed that one 'Malcolm in the Middle' stunt could have taken his life

“They threw me in the shower”: Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Reveals 1 Malcolm in the Middle Scene Almost Killed Him That Shut Down His Body


  • Bryan Cranston became a household name for his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad.
  • Recently, Cranston, on a show, spoke about one stunt from sitcom 'Malcolm in the Middle' that almost killed him.
  • When asked by a fan last year, Cranston spoke about the possibility of Malcolm in the Middle revival.
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Bryan Cranston has a plethora of movies and roles to his name, but he is widely recognized for his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad, perhaps the most iconic of all his works in his entire career. The actor won four Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for the series.

Bryan Cranston as Walter white in a still from Breaking bad
Bryan Cranston as Walter White in a still from Breaking Bad

Before Cranston became a household name as Walter White, in the long journey of his acting career. Recently, the actor told Graham Norton and guests that he almost ‘shut down’ during a dangerous Malcolm in the Middle stunt.

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Bryan Cranston Talks About One Malcolm in the Middle Stunt That Could Have Killed Him

Malcolm in the Middle, an underrated sitcom in 2000 tells the story of a dysfunctional family and it addresses many relatable issues like financial hardship, discipline struggle, the difficulty in managing a growing-up family, and in-laws tensions in a working-class family. 

In the show, Bryan Cranston played the role of Hal Wilkerson, the goofy father to Frankie Muniz’s titular child. While sitting on The Graham Norton Show recently,  the actor reflected on his stunt work on the sitcom.

He spoke about how his body once began to “shut down” while he was completely covered in paint for a season 2 episode.


One time, I did a thing where my character was in a depression, and he started painting, and I was completely covered in blue paint,” he recalled. “Completely, head to toe, in blue paint.” (Via EW

Bryan Cranston in Malcolm In The Middle
Bryan Cranston in Malcolm In The Middle

I was gonna say, that’s not safe, Bryan,” said Bryce Dallas Howard, who also appeared on the The Graham Norton Show episode.

It’s not safe,” the Breaking Bad star responded. “Because your body can’t regulate the heat if you’re covering up all your pores.”

As you shoot, you’re moving around, and then there was a part of me, at one point, I was like starting to shut down the circuits,” Cranston explained. “And they went boom, and they grabbed me, and they threw me in the shower and they just… It was weird.

Franke Muniz and Bryan Cranston in a still from Malcolm in the Middle
Malcolm in the Middle

“It’s a very slow way to murder someone,” host Graham Norton commented.


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For its relatability, perfectly executed jokes, and clever episode plots, the show received widespread acclaim from critics and proved a popular draw for Fox. It is placed on several lists of the greatest TV and sitcom series of all time. The show ran for seven seasons and produced over 150 episodes. 

Bryan Cranston Confirmed Working on Malcolm in the Middle Reboot

Last year, Bryan Cranston revealed that he was working on a script for a revival of the Fox family comedy. While he was present as a guest on Watch What Happens Live, one fan asked him about any possibility of Malcolm in the Middle revival, he was seen as quite optimistic. He said:  

Bryan Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek on 'Malcolm in the Middle'
Bryan Cranston and Jane Kaczmarek on Malcolm in the Middle

Yes, I would say that on a scale of 1-10, I’d say an 8 that we’ll do a reunion, movie or show or something,” Cranston answered when asked about the probability of the show’s return. “And yes, we have been working on concepts of story, plots and things like that.” 

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Bryan Cranston will be seen in the upcoming Henry Cavill starrer Argylle. Starring alongside an ensemble cast of Dua Lipa, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Sam Rockwell, the film is set for a release date of 2 February 2024 in theaters across the U.S.

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