“They took $50 million, I think they punished him”: Bill Burr Declares Cancel Culture is Over After Supporting Bill Maher’s Statement on Disgraced Comedian Louis C.K.

Bill Burr argues that the cancel culture is waning in influence.

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  • Bill Maher and Bill Burr recently discussed the cancel culture and their desire to see Louis C.K. returning to the industry.
  • C.K. was previously accused of s*xual misconduct in 2017 and has been directing and producing his projects outside of the industry.
  • During their conversation, Bill Burr also argued that the influence of "cancel culture" has waned in recent times.
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After passionately defending filmmaker Woody Allen, Bill Maher has now shared his arguments in favor of welcoming back Louis C.K., in a conversation with fellow comedian Bill Burr, who not only supported his claims but also went on to claim that the cancel culture is not as influential as it once was.

Bill Maher | Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Bill Maher | Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Steve Anderson

They shared their perspective in a recent discussion on Maher’s Club Random Podcast, talking about the disgraced comedian, who was ousted from the industry after being accused of s*xual misconduct and inappropriate behavior. He has since continued directing and producing his projects. However, the talk show host believes that he should be able to make a comeback.

Bill Burr And Bill Maher Want Louis C.K. to Return to Hollywood

In a recent conversation on his Club Random Podcast, Bill Maher and Bill Burr discussed the cancel culture while arguing that Louis C.K. should be able to return to the industry. “I mean, don’t get me started on that,” Maher said when Burr mentioned that C.K. has been operating outside of the industry.

Bill Burr And Bill Maher on the Club Random Podcast
Bill Burr And Bill Maher | Credit: YouTube/Club Random Podcast

“Isn’t it time everyone just went: ‘OK, It wasn’t a cool thing to do, but it’s been long enough, and welcome back,'” he further stated, asserting that the punishment faced by the comedian was sufficient. He said,

“Enough! I mean for Christ’s sake, it’s not the end of the world. People have done so much worse things and gotten less. There’s no rhyme or reason to the #MeToo-type punishments.”

Comedian Louis C.K.
Louis C.K. | Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Peabody Awards

Supporting his arguments, the Old Dads star said, “They took $50 million, I think they punished him.” C.K. has earlier claimed that he lost millions after he was accused of misconduct and admitted to mast**bate in front of several female comics over the years.

As the conversation shifted towards cancel culture, The Mandalorian actor claimed that the influence of “cancel culture” has waned in recent times, stating that no one tends to be offended over a joke anymore.


Comedian Bill Burr Claims Cancel Culture is Over

Further in their discussion, Bill Burr claimed that the cancel culture is over. He argued that while it started with causes that had widespread support, it soon escalated to a point where even minor objections to a comedian’s material led to backlash.

“It started off with something everyone could agree on, and then quickly it just spun out of control. I remember whenever that cancel culture got to the point of where it was, ‘I don’t like some of the topics in your stand-up act,’ right? That’s when it got weird.”

Bill Burr in Netflix's Bill Burr: Live at Red Socks
Bill Burr: Live at Red Socks | Credit: Netflix

He further stated, “Cancel culture … it’s over. No one cares anymore.” Burr also suggested that the intensity of scrutiny over comedians’ jokes has diminished recently. “I feel like I’m going back two years in my life. I don’t even think about it anymore,” he said.

Bill Maher, however, countered his assertions, saying that neither of them is immune to being canceled. “That’s so not true,” he said before adding, “Either one of us could get canceled in the next two minutes.”


Their conversation surrounding C.K. and the desire to see the comedian back into the industry, along with Maher’s previous statement supporting Woody Allen, could potentially contribute to his sentiment toward cancel culture.


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